7 Reasons Why Autumn Is the Sexiest Season

Replacing summer’s bikinis with fall’s sweaters may feel decidedly unsexy, but surprisingly, autumn is one of the sexiest times of year. Maybe it’s because our animal instincts tell us to mate before we go into hibernation. Maybe it’s because Facebook says so. Either way, turn that long-underwear-induced frown upside down, and read our reasons why fall is about to heat up.

Hormones are Surging

Levels of testosterone in men and women are highest in autumn. Testosterone is associated with our sex drive, and is speculated to initiate sexual desire. A study in Norway even found that the difference in monthly levels of testosterone varied up to 31% — holy hormones!

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You're More Attractive to Men

Men’s attraction to women’s bodies changes seasonally. After being frequently exposed to women’s bodies in the summer time, men’s “attractiveness criteria” increases for women’s body shapes and breasts. For those of you who don’t care to be judged solely by your bodies (which I hope is ALL of you), the same study found men’s ratings of facial features was not affected by season.

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Fall’s Pumpkin Scent is a Pheromone

Run, don’t walk, to your nearest Starbucks for a pumpkin spice latte. Studies show that the pumpkin smell mixed with other scents increased blood flow to the penis, signaling arousal. A pumpkin and doughnut scent inspired a 20 percent blood flow increase, while pumpkin and lavender led to a 40 percent increase. Side note: my new pick-up routine will include me carrying pumpkin pie and lavender bouquets wherever I go and wafting the scents towards attractive men. I’ll let you ladies know how it goes.

Date Nights Happen Indoors

You know what else happens indoors? Sex. When the weather is cold, more dates include a snuggly movie night, which makes sexual scenarios more easily accessible. As some rapper probably once said, “spooning leads to forking”. Couples also have more sex when it’s chilly outside.

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Our Bodies are Ready

Birthrates peak in August and September, meaning that our most fertile time is from November to December. Furthermore, sperm counts are higher in November and December. This means that during these autumn months, your body is ready to get it on.

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The Seasonal Mood is Sexy

The back to school vibe of autumn means that this is a season of new beginnings, optimism, and novelty. According to experts, this novelty “can trigger [a] dopamine response, giving you energy, optimism, focus and motivation, as well as increasing your sex drive”. A higher sex drive in men and women increases the likelihood of autumn sex.