9 Times Kylie Was The Best At Stacking Rings

If any family knows a thing or two about an on-point manicure, it's probably the Kardashian/Jenners. I don't think I've ever seen a picture of one of the sisters without saying, "Wow, her nails" to myself in admiration. But what is the point of a perfect manicure unless you have some beautiful rings to go with it, right? Exactly. Kylie Jenner's rings always seem to match her nails perfectly, and dang, that girl is an expert at stacking up multiples. So, naturally, what better person to source some ring inspiration from?

It goes without saying that Jenner is a pretty endless source of beauty inspiration as well as a good person to look for if you want to make your outfit instantly sexier or more edgy. She knows what she's doing — and that applies to her jewelry wardrobe as well. The girl knows what she's doing with accessories, what can I say? If you're looking for a good way to spice up your current jewelry collection or just need some extra inspiration for some good selfies, Jenner has you covered. From dainty, simple rings to wildly expensive Cartier stacks to dozens and dozens of skull rings (really, though, she has A LOT of skulls), Kylie has about 5,000 photos for you to draw some inspiration from. Here, nine of the best.

1. Sweet + Simple

Sometimes all you need is one simple ring to really complete a look.

2. Stacked

Doesn't this make you want blue nails and millions of dollars to spend on diamond rings right now? Me too.

3. Cartier, NBD

Because what 17-year-old girl doesn't need a stack of Cartier rings, right?

4. Statement Ring

If skulls happen to be your thing, then this ring is for you.

5. ...and then add some Cartier

Because the more Cartier, the better!

6. ...or some more skulls

The more skulls, the merrier!


How many skulls rings can one girl have?

8. A Midi Ring

Nothing better than a cute midi ring.

9. The Rings To Wear When Hanging Out With Selena Gomez

A giant statement ring seems appropriate for such an occasion, right?