Where Should You Go For Spring Break?

Whether you're a current student basking in the glory that is the academic calendar, surviving the post-collegiate years slaving away at a desk, or simply nostalgic for girl time, spring break is upon us, and it’s calling your name. Honestly, if you ask me, spring break should be mandatory for adults, who are just as desperately in need of a vacation after months of being stuck with old man winter as co-eds. But where should you go for spring break? It’s the question on everyone’s mind right now — and I’m here to help you figure a few things out.

Are you planning to fly solo? Want to spend some quality time with your sister or mister, or join up with a group of friends for a week of freedom and revelry? I’ve come up with a flowchart Q&A to help you find out where you should be right now to make the most of a few days off — even if it that means having the ultimate staycation at home, or hosting a slumber party around Easter weekend.

So if you’re dreaming of warmer weather, looking for sandier pastures, or just want to explore a new place you’ve never been before, these destinations will have you counting down the days until your trip. After months of seemingly endless winter, it's time to unravel from all your layers and take a breather.

Now for our next question: Is summer here yet?

Image: Fotolia; Isla Murray/Bustle