Motivate Yourself To Exercise With These 7 Simple Tips

"I'm tired." "I don't want to mess up my blowout." "I don't have time."

Yeah, yeah, we know: There are plenty of things you'd rather do than go to the gym. But no matter what your go-to excuse is, it's time to finally stop blowing off your workout. Need some extra motivation? These seven lazy-girl-approved tricks are guaranteed to get your butt off the couch and onto the treadmill.

by Anna Dickens

Sleep in your workout gear

Hands down, the hardest part about morning workouts is simply getting out of bed. Problem solved: Sleep in your workout gear the night before. That way, when your alarm goes off in the morning, you can simply hop out of bed and head straight for the gym — no need to hunt for your favorite pair of Lululemons. You might get some weird looks from your roommate or significant other when you head to bed donning a sports bra, but trust us — it works.

Put your workout shoes near the door

Here’s easy motivational tip: Always keep your athletic shoes in plain sight, such as near your front door or next to your bed. Whenever you see your kicks, it will serve as a visual reminder to go do something active. Post-it notes work just as well, too. (We’re digging this nerdy-but-cute Harry Potter inspired one.)

Make a new playlist

Nothing gets us pumped up quite like brand-new Beyonce or Katy Perry jam. In fact, studies show that listening to the right music can actually enhance your workout performance. Pretty cool, huh?

To get stoked for your trip to the gym, load your Spotify playlist with new tunes — it will give you that extra push to make it through your long cardio session. If you’re in need of some music inspiration, check out our list of 21 songs guaranteed to make you work out harder.

Enlist a friend

Dread the gym? Find a fitness partner. Studies show that almost two-thirds of women exercise harder when they’re with a friend than when they fly solo. In lieu of your usual happy hour, ask your buddy to meet you at a yoga class or go for a run with you. You wouldn’t stand up your BFF for a lunch date, so why would you blow her off on a fitness date?

Sign up for a group class

A day or two in advance, schedule a Barre class or spin class. Group classes hold you accountable — if you don’t show up, you often risk losing your money. And with many group classes starting as high as $30 a session, that’s a risk you don’t want to take.

Another idea: If your city has Classpass, give it a try. For a reasonable monthly fee, this program gives you unlimited access to a variety of fitness studios in your area, from barre studios to bootcamps, so you can try your hand at a number of different activities (and avoid workout boredom).

Commit to just 10 minutes of exercise

On crazy busy days, commit to working out for just 10 minutes. That feels like nothing, right? Plus, starting is half the battle. Once you hop on the treadmill and get moving, chances are that you won’t want to stop, and who knows — those 10 minutes might turn into 20 or 30.

Another reason to commit to 10 minutes? Studies have shown that modest amounts of exercise — a few minutes a day — can boost heart health, stave off weight gain, and keep diabetes at bay. So don’t have an “all or nothing” approach to fitness. Some exercise is better than no exercise, after all.

Buy workout DVDs

We get it: Everyone has those days when you just want to hunker down on the couch and binge-watch Scandal. But even if you don’t feel like heading to the gym, you can still score an awesome workout in the comfort of your abode by popping in a workout DVD. From kickboxing to yoga to Jane Fonda-style workouts, exercise DVDs offer an array of fun new workouts. Plus, there’s nobody around to judge your not-so-coordinated Zumba moves.

Another idea? Head over to YouTube for a wealth of free, full-length workouts available at your fingertips. Our personal favorite channels include Fitness Blender and BeFiT.