YouTube Wants To Help You Find a Boyfriend

We all know you can learn just about anything on YouTube (including stuff you should really already know), but did you know there's a whole bunch of dating and relationship advice on there, too? That's right, no longer do you need your best friend or sister to help you figure out your love life. You have a bunch of potentially insane strangers on YouTube for that!

Or not. Predictably, relationship advice on YouTube is...questionable. Let's take a tour:

Are boys incomprehensible to you? Never fear, YouTube has its very own "expert" in the art of "man-whispering." And here I thought men could use human speech all on their own.

If you're having difficulty attracting men, you can also consult this video where a guy tells us 12 things men wish women wouldn't do. Because of course women shouldn't ever ask their significant other about their day right when they walk in the door. How annoying is that? And the word cute should be purged from our collective vocabulary, naturally. And this list isn't stereotypical or insulting at all.

And in case you're curious about what we women wish guys wouldn't do, there's a video for that as well.

Occasionally, of course, you come across some advice that actually seems pretty good. Until you realize it's also totally reinforcing repressive gender norms where women must be sweet, helpful, and accommodating all the time. But who cares about patriarchy anyway?

And certainly who cares about rape culture? A guy can always get a girl in the mood. This woman who keeps laughing awkwardly while talking about sex told me so. She's a reliable source right? She's on the Internet.

But even better, look at all these guys who know exactly what women need in relationships. Definitely experts. I mean, he's telling me to know my brand. Seems like solid business – I mean relationship – advice.

And here, this guy knows the five things all women need to have in order to be happy. And I didn't know any of them! I should start taking notes.

Plus, this guy knows how to make my boyfriend so obsessed with me that he becomes my stalker – I mean my true love.

And it must be true. This not-at-all-scripted or vaguely creepy woman said so.

And I definitely need lots of help with relationships; they're very scary. I mean, this guy says that people always fall in love with the "most incompatible person in the universe." And it must be true. He said science-y words. Plus he has a cool accent.

But don't worry if this advice doesn't work for you. There are also all sorts of YouTube videos to tell you how much relationships suck anyway.