The Perfume Service You Didn't Know You Needed

I have commitment issues... with perfume, that is. I've been on the hunt for a signature scent for years, and although I've never bought a bottle I've really disliked, I always find myself purchasing something new after the last spritz. What can I say — I'm a variety seeker, especially when it comes to my beauty routine (with the exception of a few go-to makeup products). Enter Scentbird perfumes, the latest beauty subscription service dedicated to fragrance, and only fragrance.

Here's how it works: When you sign up for the site, you're taken through a quiz asking about your favorite location, favorite drink (wine, duh), the scents you naturally gravitate towards, plus the perfumes you already know you like. The site then tailors a selection of fragrances based on your answers.

You Can Sign Up For Scentbird Subscription at

I'm the annoying girl who asks for someone's opinion and decides to do the exact opposite, though, so I did some digging around the site's massive selection (there are over 350 options) outside of my recommendations. Admittedly, finding perfume online is really tough (this would be much easier with scratch and sniff computer screens, IMO). Still, Scentbird does a pretty good job of picking three descriptors for each perfume that explain what they smell like and what occasions they're perfect for. One benefit to finding your next scent online, though: no scent confusion, so no coffee beans necessary. Goodbye, department store perfume shopping stress.

I landed on Dior Addict Eau Delice, which is described as "everyday, fresh, and fruity." Each perfume also gives a list of its main notes — Addict's got cranberry, cherry, musk, almond, and jasmine going on in there — and the perfumes it's similar to. (I've been loving it, by the way. Sweet, fun, and mature at the same time.)

The perfume you pick is then packaged into a cute little black bottle with a twist-up spritzer and sent to you. It holds 8 mL, so about 30 days' worth (it's also the perfect travel-sized container. Brilliant.) That's 30 days to decide whether I like a perfume enough to buy a bottle or move on to the next fragrance.

Who knows, though: maybe I'll stick to wearing 12 different scents a year. You could really tailor your scent to the season that way, too. As much as I like the thought of having a signature scent, maybe that's just overrated.

Each one is $15, but the lovely people over at Scentbird are treating Bustle readers to 25 percent off their first fragrance; just enter the code BUSTLE25. Happy online perfume shopping!

Images: Courtesy Scentbird