Make Your Hair Look Thicker With These Tricks

I've only ever had my hair cut professionally three times in my life. Every other time, my mom has cut it. She cuts everyone in the family's hair (including her own, it's pretty impressive), so I always go back to her when I need a little chop. The only thing is, for the past few years, she has commented on how I should try to make my thin hair look thicker. Apparently it used to be super thick when I was a child, and the lack of hair I supposedly have now continues to take her by surprise whenever she gets her hands on it. How I lost all that hair, I don't know. But what I do know is that I have always had very fine and straight hair. And as I'm sure all my fine-haired ladies know, unless you have it in extreme bulk or have a natural curl, it can be hard for locks to continually appear luscious and voluminous. Le sigh.

However, there are some tricks to make it look like you've a lot more going on up there than you might actually have. And no, these don't involve any chemicals, serums, or magical elixirs. (Think of these as push-up bras for your hair, if you will.) Of course these tips aren't only for those with fine hair. So if you're ready to turn up the volume, here are some quick fixes (and one semi-permanent one) to make your hair appear oh-so lusciously thick.

1. Loosen Your 'Dos

If you're rocking a ponytail or a braid and want it to appear thicker, lightly pull your hair out of the style. For a ponytail, that means gently pulling some hair from the top back out of the band to make it appear like you have more volume on top. For braids, gently tug each section (or random sections) of the braid in opposite directions so it looks a little fuller.

2. Switch Up Your Part

When hair becomes too used to laying a certain way, it can start looking a little flat. Keep this from happening by changing where you part your hair — you'll get a little more volume from the strands that have changed direction.

3. Be a Tease

Teasing or backcombing, though not the best thing for your hair, can make it instantly look like you have more volume than you naturally do. Just take sections wherever you want it to appear thicker, and comb the underside toward your scalp.

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4. Add Some Texture

Dry shampoo can provide texture and lift. Spray some at the roots, wait a minute or two, and then rub in with fingertips. Then just style as usual, but be prepared for a more lifted look. Alternatively, if you have naturally straight hair, try curling it. Curled hair generally has a little more lift at the roots. And if you run your fingers through curled locks, they will separate making your hair appear even more voluminous.

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5. Embrace Extensions

And of course your hair will look thicker if you actually just have more hair. Clip in some extensions for va-va-va-volume.

6. Or Just Cut it Off

Although this last one may not be for the faint of heart, chopping your hair can actually make it look thicker. If you have too much fine hair, it can weigh down and just look limp. Taking some inches off will allow your roots to be more lifted, making your hair appear thicker. Alternatively, you can have your stylist cut some layers, as these will also make hair appear thicker than having it all the same length.

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