5 Natural Remedies For Bad Breath You Should Know

Onions, garlic, and coffee: Probably the three biggest food-related culprits of bad breath. If you or someone close to you loves any of these foods, you know the struggle of having to constantly worry about preventing bad breath, or having enough mints to offer up. But these aren't the only offenders. Other causes for bad breath (or halitosis) include poor dental hygiene, dry mouth (or decreased saliva production, which is the cause of morning breath, BTW), and using tobacco products. And while there are quick fixes out there for halitosis, you can more thoroughly correct a bad breath situation by making sure to brush and floss daily, regularly visit a dentist, keep your mouth moist whether by beverages or products like those from Biotene, and quit smoking or chewing tobacco.

Of course, if you are just looking for a quick fix, there are the obvious routes of using mouthwash, eating mints, and chewing gum. But if you want a more natural fix, a fix that can provide added health benefits besides just improving the smell of your breath, look no further. Here are five ways to make your breath smell better, and all you have to do is eat.

1. Drink Green or Black Tea

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The polyphenols in these two types of teas will help reduce oral bacteria, neutralizing the smell of your breath. Just make sure not to add cream or sugar to reap the most benefits out of these beverages.

2. Eat Sugar-Free Yogurt

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The probiotics in yogurt will not only help with your digestive system but they will also help keep bad-breath causing bacteria at bay.

3. Chew on Some Parsley


The chlorophyll levels in parsley help to deodorize breath. So put that decoration sprig to good use. Of course you can also chomp on other green leafy substances to the same purpose such as mint and spinach.

4. Snack On Crunchy Foods

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Try munching on apples, celery, or carrot sticks. These crunchier foods aid in saliva production which helps wash away bacteria that causes bad breath. But not only will these foods neutralize breath, they will also help keep your teeth whiter, and of course they're just plain good for you.

5. Stay Hydrated


And the seemingly magical cure-all: Drink plenty of water. Not only is this good for your overall health, it's also good for your skin and surprise, surprise; for your breath.

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