What Would The Babysitter's Club Wear Now?

by Ko Im

You know you'll never be sick of Babysitters Club nostalgia (Scholastic Book Club, anyone?). Those book covers were iconic of '90s fashion, what with all the scrunchies and and sweaters and high waisted skinny pants. Each character had her "uniform," complete with accessories, whether it be a pencil in an ear (Kristy), rainbow earrings (Stacey) or a belt (Dawn). Their closets were full of oversized turtlenecks, matching hats, crazy earrings, island prints, high-top sneakers and white stockings.

Even though the majority of BSC books were published in the late '80s to early '90s, many of the issues they touched on are still relevant today. Since that's the case, I started thinking about what these seven friends would wear if the series had extended into 2015, and what they'd be up to.

Inspired by where Mary Grace Garis imagined the Saved by the Bell cast would be today, but from a fashion standpoint, here's your does of #ThrowbackThursday goodness, complete with 2015 outfit ideas for every one of the BSC members.

Kristy Thomas

Kristy was a tomboy who wore lots of jeans and sneakers, and she's all about 2015's boyfriend jean trend — not to mention the ever-ubiquitous Chuck Taylors. In addition to being the CEO of her own company by now, she'd probably have stomped down the runway in Carrie Hammer's #rolemodelsnotrunwaymodels show.

Claudia Kishi

Claudia was a style favorite for her bold choices, known for being unique and artsy. She probably became a designer herself, more Anna Sui than Vera Wang. This means she's probably just wearing a cool black canvas pantsuit or a tutu. I can definitely her doing spunky cartwheels at the end of her runway show a la Betsey Johnson.

Stacey McGill

Stacey was always fashion-forward and loved New York just as much as she loved using hearts to dot her i's. The former treasurer is probably DKNYPRgirl IRL. She has a rotating wardrobe of the latest Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors and always has the new "It" bag before anyone else.

Mary Ann Spier

Shy Mary Ann likely prefers streamlined knitwear, a la Celine and roomy, classy coats from The Row. Stacey probably got this magazine publisher type tickets to Vogue Knitting events — and she loves it.

Dawn Schafer

Get this California girl some Citizens of Humanity jeans! When she's not doing non-profit work, she's probably still wearing overalls, made out of organic material (obvi). Her go-to store, aside from thrift shops, is Anthropologie.

Mallory Pike

Bookwormish junior associate Mallory loved horses more than anything, and that hobby likely hasn't gone anywhere in 2015. These days, she's a Ralph Lauren gal and frequents the coffee shop at the Polo flagship store while looking over manuscripts. Oh, and of course she's wearing Warby Parker glasses.

Jessi Ramsey

This ballerina goes for a softer palette in pieces that can go straight from her Lincoln Center practices to brunch in the Village. She probably wears American Apparel to work out, Alice & Olivia for workwear, and Rolando Santana or Oscar de la Renta for any socio-cultural affairs.

Logan Bruno

Let's be honest about this babe: Logan probably is a model after lifeguarding at the beach then playing collegiate sports. He's turned into the Chris Pine type, melting our hearts in Paul Smith and Tom Ford. The real lingering question is: Is he still with Mary Ann?

Images: Babysitters Club Wikipedia