This Local Dating Ad Is So Wonderful And Weird

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Thank goodness for the Internet. For many reasons and especially today for bringing us this fantastic promotional video for Downtown Halifax Business Commision. DBHC splices a collection of hands-down atrocious '80s dating video clips that reflect the truly grotesque dating landscape of today. Not sure if they're imitated or authentic, but either way, the point is made—and yeah, admittedly I do kinda wanna visit the port city now and scope all the dining and entertainment options. (And OK, yes, I am morbidly curious in whether or not the man with the the extra blingy necklace is real and, more importantly, truly single.) Downtown Halifax, you minx.

I'm confident that I'm among the majority of Millennials when I admit I've never purchased or owned a television. Well, the 13-inch TV/VCR combo I bought in middle school did enjoy a four-month stay in my apartment circa age 22 before I donated it to Goodwill. However, that doesn't mean that we, the TV-less youth, don't watch the crap out of Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go—because we do. It's basically our lifeblood. And when we consume our "TV" shows online, we usually don't have to navigate as many commercials when cracking open our brains to pour in marathons of Downton Abbey. As a result, we miss so much, y'all. Sure, we still get national ads on most of our videos, but criminally absent from our view are local business commercials. You know the ones I mean: Poorly written, produced, and shot, but chock full of awkward charm. Seriously, though, even if we did have televisions, we'd still only get our own regionally local business commercials.

Image: Downtown Halifax/YouTube