What To Wear If You're Headed to Ultra 2015

Whether this is your first music festival or you’re a seasoned vet, Ultra 2015 in Miami Beach is going to be a wild ride. With artists like Avicii, Steve Aoki and Clean Bandit slated to perform, fans will hear some amazing music… and go to some amazingly good parties. Needless to say, if you’re going to the end-of-March vibe sesh, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll have the time of your life. Now, the most important question: What to wear to Ultra this year?

While it’s awesome that you’re headed to a three-day outdoor concert on some of the most beautiful beaches America has to offer, (while the rest of us will still be recovering from tons of snow and frigid temperatures), that change in climate can make packing pretty rough. Of course, you’ll need the requisite bikinis and one-pieces, some flip flops for the hotel and a couple of beach towels. But what about what you’re going to wear to the actual shows?

Dressing for a music festival is always kind of difficult. You want to wear something that that’s comfortable, but also stylish. Something that makes you feel confident and beautiful, but also won’t break the bank. Something that will effortlessly take you from day to night without you having to look for a bathroom to change your entire outfit. Though it may sound like you’re searching for the clothing equivalent of a unicorn, I promise that with a little inspiration from the style boards below, everything will fall into place.

1. Miami Lovin' Rocker

This outfit is equally tough and glamorous, and exudes a covetable sexy-glam-rocker-girl vibe. The cut-offs and crop top are perfect for the Miami heat. Combat boots serve a dual purpose: Not only do they add a serious edge to the outfit, but you also won't be worried that your feet will get crushed by the huge crowds. Bangles and a super-appropriate Gotham-inspired ring complete the look. The red lipstick ties everything together with a pop of color!

2. Pastel Pretty

If you've been to Ultra before, you know that most people wear crazy outfits in some variation of neon. Want to try something a little different this year? Work the runway (or boardwalk) in pretty, easy-going pastels. The cute emoji skirt is a must have for the fun fest, and pairing it with other pastels definitely softens the look. Comfy vans will make the standing room only venue (kind of) bearable.

3. Neon Goddess

Then again, what better place to wear head to toe neon and feel relatively comfortable about it than at Ultra? A glitzy lime green halter top and sequined yellow and pink shorts make the look feel extra fun. Add any combination of out-of-this-world-bright accessories, and of course, colorful beaded bracelets that are basically a staple at the shows (also very necessary for trading with other people!). Gold-dipped feather earrings make for an unexpected twist to your outfit.

4. '90s Chill

The '90s are trending super hard right now, so it's only fair that we include a throwback-inspired outfit on my list. The acid washed denim dress, white Keds, and frilly black socks practically scream "BABY SPICE." The Beach can sometimes get chilly in the evenings, so a colorful vintage bomber jacket is a must have. Top it all off with a tattoo choker (EVERY '90s girl has one of these in the back of her closet somewhere — probably next to the Limited Too jump suit and the fruity scented markers). Awwww here it goes!

5. Sporty Glam

You may want to keep it comfy and cute with this relaxed-yet-of-course-I'm-here-to-party outfit. While the bright pants and crop top are fine on their own, the accessories really make this ensemble pop. Those going for a sporty look may want to try the black and white cuff bracelet. If you're taking a glamorous approach, try the watch. No matter your style, with a simple change of shoes, this outfit can take you from the beach to the club in no time.

Image: ultra/Instagram