5 NYFW Manis You Can DIY In 4 Steps (Or Less)

With London Fashion Week behind us and Milan's in full force, you may think New York is just a blip in the rear-view mirror. Not so. We're still cruising NYFW's heavenly highway dotted with Rebecca Minkoff's rocker-themed threads, Nanette Lepore's posh suits and Christian Siriano's fierce animal print patterns. And, of course, Fashion Week nail art. After all, the pretty clothes that went down the runway won't be available for another six months — and even then, it's not like all of us can afford to buy even the smallest of bags from the new collection.

Still, there are ways us mere mortals can get in on the trends fashion's elite decide will be hip for seasons to come. Sure, most of the beauty looks can be recreated at home, but it's the pretty manicures that literally everyone can pull off. No, really! Below, I've recreated five of the coolest nail art looks from Fashion Week — all in four steps or less.If you're not ready for the joyride to end either, take a detour down the nail art avenue with me. Ahead, I show you five easy-to-master manicures from our favorite collections. Bonus: All the supplies can be found at your local drugstore!

1. Nanette Lepore

The golden goddess nails at Nanette Lepore went well with the overall theme of the collection: powerfully posh without overdosing on perfect. A subtle metallic shine dotted with sparkle balanced the beauty look, which was a trendy update on the modern perception of "pretty" with neon pink lips and mega-watt lashes.


Essie in "Good as Gold," $8.50, Nicole by OPI in "Heart of Hold," $7,

Step 1: Apply two coats of Essie's "Good as Gold" polish. Let dry.

Step 2: Using Nicole by OPI's "Heart of Gold," carefully dab dots of glitter sporadically across your nails. The bigger and bolder your spots, the better! Let dry, and you're ready to go for the gold.

2. Rebecca Minkoff

Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The jewel-toned chevron manicure paired with from Rebecca Minkoff's Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear Collection was created by manicurist Michelle Saunders. The nail art matched clothing inspired by Patti Smith's memoir Just Kids, which tells the story of bohemian 1970s life in Greenwich Village.


Maybelline Nail Lacquer in "Paint the Town," $3.99, drugstore.comRevlon Nail Enamel in "Knockout," $3.99, drugstore.comRevlon Nail Enamel in "Clear," $3.99,

Step 1: Using Maybelline's "Paint the Town" polish, start at the side of the nail and drag the brush down and across in a diagonal motion. Mirror this stroke on the opposite side of the nail, so that the paint creates a downward "V" shape. Fill in to the tip of the nail, and let dry.

Step 2: With Revlon's "Knockout" polish, repeat Step 1 on top of the dried red color. Another "V" shape should be created at the nail's tip.

Step 3: Finish with two coats of Revlon's "Clear" polish for shiny sealed-in color that prevents chipping. Now, grab a guitar and feel free to strum your own '70s ballad down the streets of Greenwich Village!

3. Novis

JP Yim/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The modern green and blue mani featured alongside Jordana Warmflash's fall collection for Novis blended well with the mid-century art-themed line, which Warmflash said she modeled after Henri Mattisse's work.


Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Hard as Nails in "Babe Blue," $3.19, cvs.comSally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color in "I-rush Luck," $3.99, drugstore.comRevlon Nail Enamel in "Knockout," $3.99, drugstore.comRevlon Nail Enamel in "Clear," $3.99,

Step 1: Apply two coats of Sally Hansen's "Babe Blue," and let dry.

Step 2: Apply a small swatch of Sally Hansen's "I-rush Luck" to the lower right corners of your nails.

Step 3: Swipe the green across the lower edge of the nail, so that the two strokes create a backwards "L" shape.

Step 4: Using Revlon's "Knockout," carefully paint a thin black line where the blue and green meet. Let dry, and coat with Revlon's "Clear" to bring the finishing touches on your own work of art right to your fingertips.

4. Wes Gordon

Mireya Acierto/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Wes Gordon's choice for nails reflected his confident minimalist approach to clothing. This season, he wanted a clean collection edged up with a tough-girl attitude. This contrast was seen in the manicure for the show, too. Matte, neutral nails are as minimalist as they come, but a splash of metallic purple effectively brings a bite of glam to the manicure that reflects the overall feel of the line.


Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color in "Grease Lightening," $3.99, drugstore.comSally Hansen Matte Finish Top Coat, $4.79, L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Collection Privee Nail Polish in "Wild and Free," $5.99,

Step 1: Apply two coats of Sally Hansen's "Grease Lightening," and let dry.

Step 2: Apply two coats of Sally Hansen's matte top coat, and let dry.

Step 3: Using L'Oreal's "Wild and Free," paint a quick strip that starts at the middle of your nail and finishes at the tip. Let dry, and go over this stroke again for added contrast. Minimalist chic!

5. Christian Siriano

Christian Siriano's Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear Collection was bursting with color, print, and pattern––in synch with the vibrant palette of the Congo rain forest from which it took its inspiration. So many contrasting hues and textures called for an understated nail, which took the form of a dark gray-to-black ombré.

No matter where you're rocking your nails, from the Congo rain forest to the city streets and everywhere in between, this twist on a classic nail will no doubt complement your wardrobe, too!


Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color in "Grease Lightening," $3.99, drugstore.comRevlon Nail Enamel in "Knockout," $3.99, drugstore.comSwisspers Cosmetic Application Wedges, $2.49, drugstore.comRevlon Nail Enamel in "Clear," $3.99,

Step 1: Apply two coats of Sally Hansen's "Grease Lightening" to your nails, and let these completely dry.

Step 2: Grab a makeup applicator wedge, and blend Sally Hansen's "Grease Lightening" into Revlon's "Knockout," creating a light-to-dark color gradient. Carefully sponge excess color onto a spare piece of paper, and quickly move to Step 3 before paint dries on sponge.

Step 3: Lightly press the sponge to your nails, applying pressure from side to side. You'll see a gradient form on your nail.

Reapply paint to sponge as necessary to repeat Step 3 on all nails, and don't worry about the rough texture on the nail — this will be fixed in the next step! (Try to move to Step 4 before the nails completely dry, as this will help with blending.)

Step 4: Apply two coats of Revlon's "Clear," using the brush to blend together the gray and black while sealing the shiny finish. Nailed it!

Images: Getty Images; Elly Ayres