Survey Reveals Most Popular Panties In Each State

The likelihood of you asking someone what type of panties their wearing is probably unlikely. People will talk about anything before they dare to get down and dirty with what's underneath. If what type of undergarments your friends wear is, for some reason, really eating away at you, True&Co's The United States of Undies survey will reveal all.

According to Buzzfeed, True&Co, a San Francisco-based lingerie company, surveyed its customers to find out what the most coveted lingerie items were in each state. Based on the results, Hawaiians love white nylon bras, Texans will rock a multicolor satin boudoir bodysuit, Ohioans opt for multi-colored cotton panties, and perhaps the most obvious, New Yorkers keep it minimal and health goth with a black nylon bra. The survey spans all of the 50 states, where some people prefer blue rayon loungewear and others just simply need their black camisole.

On its website, True&Co revels in the fact that it is the only one of its kind when it comes to fitting women for bras (suddenly my mind raced back to the uncomfortable time my mother took me for bra fittings). The company uses a "fit quiz" in place of a physical fitting to get customers into the bra that is best for them. The quiz asks questions about how your bra fits now, what's your favorite bra and how old your most-coveted bras are.

In addition, True&Co also runs a pretty cool blog that features outfit inspirations alongside the proper undergarments to wear underneath, and also features of some of their favorite TV and movie characters' lingerie, such as Khaleesi from Game of Thrones and Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Along with its blog posts, the company also features sexy playlists to get you in the mood.

Thanks to True&Co's The United States of Undies, you can now ponder about whether or not your fellow New Yorker on the subway is wearing a black nylon bra. Even though, the answer is, most likely, yes.

Image: Getty Images (1); Buzzfeed (1)