Dressing Like Kylie Jenner Only Takes 5 Steps

Kylie Jenner has a pretty enviable and easy-to-copy style, moreso than most of her sisters, who tend to be draped, head-to-toe, in designer pieces. In fact, learning how to dress like Kylie Jenner requires little effort — trolling her Instagram for about five minutes will give you a great sense of her outfit go-tos. Kris Jenner's youngest mixes edgy street style with chic elements in a way that feels totally accessible to us normals.

Kylie does have five key outfit hallmarks that you can usually count on when she's not waltzing the red carpet, which make her overall look simple to replicate or to use as a starting point for figuring out your own signature style.

No, you don't have to spend thousands on designer pieces. Nor do you have to shell out loot in order to get her blue dip-dyed ends. You also don't have to be a huge fan of plumped, overly lined lips or be deft with using liner to fake 'em. You can skip those beauty elements in favor of following Kylie's take on glam and grunge with her clothes, and utilize one of her beauty faves: nail art.

These are five little things that you need to consider if you want to dress like Kylie Jenner. Yes, it really is that simple.

1. Nail It

Whether almond-shaped or squared off, Kylie Jenner is rarely seen without her really long, dagger nails. If you want to copy one beauty element besides her lips, rock an impossibly long, '90s mani. Be prepared for your nail tech to raise her eyebrows but that's OK. Kylie's style isn't always meant to be easily understood.

2. Denim Darling

Whether short shorts or shredded jeggings, Kylie often wears jeans. So don't be afraid of going the denim route.

This pic demonstrates both her love of super long talons and of denim with a destructive tendencies. It's the imperfections that make her style interesting. So after your rock your mani, pop by Forever 21 or American Eagle Outfitters for some short shorts or skinnies.

How about these? ($28,

3. Get Graphic

Graphic tees are an essential element of Kylie's wardrobe, whether they're form-fitting...

...or oversized.

Elvis Presley Tank, $16, Forever 21

This graphic tank featuring The King aka Elvis Presley, also known for his pouty lips, is perfect, no?

4. Grunge Girl

Since Jenner was born in the late '90s, she missed grunge and oversized flannels, which had their moment on runways. She's making up for lost time in 2015.

Plaid Button Up, $20, Forever 21

As always, Forever 21 has plenty of options for plaid prints, styles, and lengths.

5. Well-Heeled

Kylie's penchant for heels is well-documented on IG. No, an over-the-knee gladiator pair, like so, is not always practical.

A strappy pair like this is more wearable.

Joe's Jeans Pearce Nude, $135, Zappos

How about these, which are similar?

Now go forth and Kylie-ize your wardrobe.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (8); Forever 21 (3); Zappos (1)