What You Say To Your Crush Vs What You're Thinking

Ah, to have a crush again. When everything is butterflies, lovely anxiety and brain-crippling mixed messages. This is the loved/hated stage of a relationship where asking someone, "What are you doing tonight?" actually means, "Please say you're doing nothing and then ask me to get a drink because I just spent forty dollars on a painful Brazilian wax and I need you to be inside me immediately." Buzzfeed has tackled what you say to your crush versus what you really mean in their new video, and if you're currently crushing, you'll blush, and if you've ever crushed before, you'll be filled with crushing nostalgia. Because this phase, one way or another, always ends. The fun game wherein you never say what you mean, and simultaneously hope the object of your affection magically understands what you really want to say AND that they NEVER figure it out, doesn't really exist at other points in relationships. Those of us who are in an actual, post-crush, real life relationship know our video would be way more boring than this because we, for better or worse, say what we actually mean. "For the hundredth time, could you please pick up your underpants off the floor" really does mean "For the hundredth time, could you please pick up your underpants off the floor."

The crush-er in the video, played by Ashly Perez, lets us in on her inner monologue as she converses with the object of her affection by the photo copying machine. Yes, it's crazy and weird, and no, I don't believe that you've never had the exact same inner monologue so don't go all Judgy McHolier Than Thou. When it comes to crushes, no one is safe:

Here are five other behaviors endemic to those suffering a crush:

1. Making plans for the future

2. Swooning

3. Taking whatever crumbs you can get

4. Extreme exaggeration

5. Getting so caught up in your crush it becomes almost habitual

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