Dad Of The Year Carves A Luge In His Yard

Since I live in a relatively warm part of the country, I feel for those of you who live in places that experience actual winter. This particular round of the brumal season has cursed much of the northeast with record-breaking snowfall among other miseries. FaceTiming with my sister in Massachusetts, I look on painfully as my young nephew pushes dried oats on the floor in lieu of his sandbox which is currently outdoors and entirely frozen over. The option to herd children outside for entertainment is a mostly non-existent option for parents during this, the frozen, miserable, latter part of winter since, as far as I can tell, most people don't want to trade out their kids for popsicles. However, the obstacles of stupid frozen weather has inspired a streak of creativity among some, namely this dude who built an ice luge for his kids in their yard. Way to turn lemons into Italian ice, sir.

This creation usurps my previous number one luge-related thing (the Cool Runnings drinking game, obvs). Here we have a champion of a dad simultaneously unleashing his inner genius and surely delighting his kids to no end. It's a fairly complex design, to boot; IT looks like it took at least a moderate amount of planning and strenuous shoveling. Surely this guy is buff, considering the ambitious length of the luge and carefully packed bumpers. Don't mind me over here, perhaps (definitely) developing a crush on this man.