10 Reasons Why We Need Spring To Arrive ASAP

March has arrived, which means we are mere weeks away from the official start of spring. And now, more than ever, Americans are in desperate need of this underrated season. Over the past few months, a slew of snowstorms has left most of the country covered in a powdery white blanket (although, by now, the dusting has transformed into a dirty shade of gray). As a result, we all have become these miserable creatures who bitterly crawl out of bed in the morning and grunt our way through the workday. It's like an episode of The Walking Dead, only less pleasant.

Think I'm exaggerating? Maybe that's because you live in a world where snow is something you dream about rather than fear. At this point, East Coasters have exhausted all of their winter survival tactics, and are now left with only one option: they must pray to the powers that be and ask for spring to arrive ASAP. Because while we love certain aspects of winter, we need the season to end now. Our physical, mental, and emotional well being depend on spring’s arrival. Here, just a few valid reasons why March 21 needs to arrive sooner rather than later.

1. We're sick of being, well, sick

There's a reason they call it the winter flu. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, flu activity peaks between December and February, often reaching epidemic proportions. We do our best to ward off the unwanted illness, but nothing kills the germs like an increase in temperature.

2. We want to enjoy iced beverages without judgement

Neither snow, nor rain, nor negative temperatures can keep an iced coffee connoisseur from enjoying her favorite beverage. Unfortunately the baristas often respond to her order with a skeptic stare and concerned sentiment, putting a damper on her daily caffeine fix. But come March 21, she will be able to sip on an iced mochaccino in peace — just the way she likes it.

3. We desperately need some vitamin D

Almost half of Americans suffer from a vitamin D deficiency, and it's not because they aren't taking their Flintstone pills. Since sun exposure is the easiest way to soak up this nutrient, we aren't able to get our daily dose in the winter. Spring is the only way we can fight off heart problems and certain cancers without taking a prescription.

4. We want to walk down the street without falling

Taking an afternoon stroll used to be a safe activity. Now, with every step you take, you run the risk of slipping on ice. There's no doubt that our bruised butts and bloody knees will be grateful when these patches of death turn into an easy-to-overcome puddle.

5. We're sick of the sun setting at 5 o'clock

Say so long to short, dark days. On March 8, Daylight Saving Time starts again, which means we will be rewarded with a little extra sunlight each day. Granted, we lose an hour of sleep in the process, but sometimes we have to make sacrifices for the things we want.

6. We can't stand the thought of spending another weekend inside

After a long week at the office, there’s nothing better than lounging in your sweats on a Saturday (or Sunday, or both). But after a few weekends spent consuming Chinese takeout and binging on Netflix, you start to develop a serious case of cabin fever. Right now, the snowstorms stop you from stepping outside, but once the sun starts to shine, you’ll be running out the door.

7. Our feet need to breathe

Our poor little piggies are sick of being stuffed into socks and boots. They want to wiggle around and show off their fresh coat of polish. But the only way we can let that happen is if the snow melts and the temperature reaches the double digits.

8. We want our tax refunds

Remember when you couldn't afford to go on a much-needed spring break? Well when your check from Uncle Sam arrives, you'll be able to plan the vacation of your dreams. Or, if you're the responsible type, put it towards your Roth IRA.

9. Spring gets us one season closer to summer

Everyone knows summer is the best season. And even though it has changed now that you're an adult, you can still enjoy weekend trips to the beach and ice cream cones for dinner.

10. We need to smile again

Whether you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder or you simply aren't as perky as usual, winter has a way of wearing us down emotionally. At this point, the only way to turn our frowns upside down is fresh flowers, green grass, and sunshine. Lots and lots of sunshine.

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