How Carrot Oil Can Make Your Hair Prettier

Carrots are definitely not my favorite food, but when it comes to natural beauty, I'm all about those orange guys. Carrot oil benefits hair and skin in major ways that makes me eager to ignore how much I despise the taste and texture. I mean, carrots take FOREVER to chew. I just don't have time to munch on something that tastes like dirt for 20 minutes, no matter how amazing they are for my eyes. Chop up those carrots for me and put them in some carrot ginger soup? Well, you've turned a carrot-hater into a carrot lover. Chop up those carrots and turn them into a carrier oil? Well you've just turned my appalled frown into a delighted smile.

You are probably familiar with the many viable sources that say a carrot a day will definitely keep the optometrist away. Carrots are high in vitamin A, a vitamin that helps vision, so munching on carrots (if you can somehow make the time to chew so much) may not be a bad idea. Even if you love eating carrots, you shouldn't just limit your intake to consuming them as a side for your sandwiches. Carrots are rich in a number of nutrients and vitamins that can be a beauty booster when applied topically. Obviously, this is why Bugs Bunny had flawless skin.

Carrot oil comes in two forms: essential oil, which is made from the seeds of carrots and therefore more potent and rich in nutrients, or purchase carrot root oil, which is a carrier oil that comes from the roots and peels. Like most oils, you can also make it yourself, but it's not the easiest one to extract. Both forms have antioxidants that are healing and moisturizing for your skin and scalp. According to sources at Stylecraze, these antioxidants can delay aging and protect our skin from free radicals that prevent our bodies from fighting off harmful toxins. Carrot seed oil can also prevent signs of aging by being rich in vitamins A, C, and E while protecting our skin from ultraviolet rays. According to sources at Living Pretty Naturally, carrot seed oil is a great addition to any DIY sunscreen with a natural SPF of approximately 38.

According to sources at Livestrong, carrot seed oil is also antibacterial and rich in beta-carotene. This oil is going to be a great on dull, fragile locks of all hair types because it stimulates hair growth by improving blood circulation. Natural hair bloggers, like 4c Hair Chic, also claim that carrot seed oil is good for split ends and damage from chemical treatments.

Check out these DIY recipes below to take your hair and skin game to the next level.

Hair Rinse

My toner obsession has been replaced with a hair rinse obsession. Ever since I ditched shampoo for good, I've started saving money and strand moisture. To make this hair rinse, I use freshly brewed green tea, then add eight to ten drops of carrot seed essential oil. This is going to be an excellent source of vitamins that will stop hair breakage in its tracks.

Anti-Aging Facial Serum

Let's talk frown lines, shall we? Some days, I swear it looks like I've never smiled a day in my life. For a serum that can help fill in deep lines, use two tablespoon of macadamia nut oil (jojoba is an excellent alternative), then add six drops of carrot seed oil and four drops of clary sage essential oil. This serum works best right before bedtime, after a tall glass of water.

Image: Swong95765/Flickr; Giphy