What To Eat When You're Hungover

We've all been there: You haven't seen your favorite drinking buddies in a while; you meet up on Friday night after work; you have a wild night out… and then you spend the entire next day monstrously hungover. It's a good thing BuzzFeed's “7 Meals That Could Cure Your Hangover” video is here, isn't it? Hopefully its contents will help you feel a little less awful when you're rolling around on the floor and regretting that last mojito (or five).

While it's true that there are no surefire ways to cure a hangover, some foods will probably make you feel a little better when you're recovering than others. While you might be tempted to go for something greasy at your favorite diner, you're better off going for items that will replenish your sodium levels, soothe your stomach, and pack you full of B vitamins. The benefit to BuzzFeed's options is that you'll probably already have some of them in the house — and as we all know, when the room spins every time you stand up, the less you have to move, the better. It's significantly easier to crawl to the kitchen for some toast than it is to haul yourself to the bodega across the street for a breakfast sandwich.

Here are five of my favorite picks, some of which you may never have thought of as a hangover food before; scroll down to watch the full video for all seven.

1. The Grade School Breakfast

I wasn't a big fan of toast when I was a kid (a travesty I have since remedied with the help of some really good bread and a whole lot of smashed avocados), but the one way I would eat it was when it was smothered in honey. And hey, guess what? According to the Royal Society of Chemistry, honey can actually help break down alcohol into harmless by-products. Who knew?

2. The Snacker

Crackers, bread, and other simple carbs are common in hangover foods, largely because they give you some fuel without making you sick. Chickpeas, meanwhile, are full of vitamin B6, meanwhile, which may help alleviate your hangover symptoms — and as for green tea? Well, it's got so many health benefits you may as well get in the habit of drinking it anyway. Add some honey if you like — as we learned in the Grade School Breakfast, it might add a little extra boost.

3. The Classic “Oh God, I'm So Sick” Meal

Never underestimate the healing powers of chicken noodle soup. You probably already know that hangovers and dehydration go hand in hand; up your sodium intake to convince your body to hang onto more of that precious water. It's also an anti-inflammatory, so if you're fighting off a cold at the same time, making a nice bowl of soup is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

4. A Smoothie

I always crave yogurt and fruit parfaits when I'm hungover; maybe it's because my body is telling me to consume these nutrients. Vitamin C apparently helps detoxify alcohol, while the banana restores all the potassium you lost while you were peeing like a waterfall (because let's face it: That's what happens when you drink a lot). Cysteine, meanwhile, is an amino acid that helps your body break down the booze even more. Yum, right?

5. Pickle Juice

I mean, you could also just chug a Gatorade… but when else will you have an excuse to drink straight pickle juice?

Watch the full video below for more:

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