This Makeup Is For The Pop Art Enthusiast

This pop art meets makeup collaboration couldn’t have come at a better time. With the recent popularity of pop art patches at fashion week and other fun collaborations like Betsey Johnson for Kleenex, it’s about time for makeup to step up its game. After all, if our accessories and even our Kleenex boxes are going to be totally on trend, then why can’t our makeup be? Well, with Yazbukey for Shu Uemura, our prayers have been answered!

The lifesaver of a makeup line is said to include 34 items ranging from facial cleansers to eye, nail and lip colors. All of the packaging will be bold and fun, in true pop art spirit, of course. Makeup clutters my bathroom and purses, so I’m super excited for the stylish packaging update that will come out of this collaboration. Now, my scattered array of products will look more decorative and intentional instead of messy. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself!

Both designers have produced very unique products in the past, and this collaboration will be no different. Yazbukey and Shu Uemura, both incredibly unique in their own right, are all for self expression, and this makeup line with only prove that.

“I firmly believe that makeup should bring out the personality of every woman…” said Kakuyasu Uchiide, the international artistic director at Shu Uemura, in an interview with Euronews. "Chose your image and your favorite color in the same way you would choose your outfit every morning. Without a doubt, you will discover a new and remarkable side of your personality to share."

So, pick your color and personality with these fun creations and be the woman you want to be. And be a different version the next day! Choose from sexy, smart, romantic and daring. Oh, this ought to be fun!

Images: Courtesy Brand