Rosie is the Perfect Life-Sized Barbie Doll

Guys, Barbie came to life...again. Seriously, I’m talking like Tyra Banks in Life-Size status. Too early in the week for a throwback? Well, after seeing Rosie Huntington-Whitely as Barbie in ' Vogue ' Japan, it’s going to start feeling a lot like a throwback Thursday.

The imaginative mind behind this creepy-yet-cute Vogue Japan photoshoot was stylist Anna Dello Russo. But clearly the real MVP here is Huntington-Whitely and her scarily convincing poses as a joint-bending-challenged Barbie doll. I want to be creeped out, but I can’t help but be totally amazed by the gorgeous model's static poses. Can’t forget to give props to Ken and his on-point, shiny, plastic abs, but important question: where’s Kelly?

Jokes aside, amongst all the pink and glitter, this photoshoot was meant to showcase the Mattel-inspired, Spring 2015 Moschino collection. So you’ll definitely recognize all of Barbie's signature accessories like her pink pointed heels, heart-shaped sunnies, plastic purses, and a variety of different pink lipstick shades. But if you look closely, you can see Moschino’s designer fingerprints on Barbie, from head to toe. The collection is definitely diving into the new season with glamorous, nostalgic perfection. Be sure to keep an eye out for Huntington-Whitely in all her pink glory in next month's issue of Vogue Japan.

Images: Anna_Dello_Russo/Instagram