7 Beauty Hacks for Busy Moms

by Annie Crawford

You’re a busy mom and you’re beautiful. "How do you do it all?" inquiring minds ask as they look at you in awe. The short answer? Beauty hacks. Pure and simple. You are entirely deserving of a medal, probably two, for all your hard work. You manage to raise happy, healthy children, work, keep a sweet home, and look more put together than most women on their best days. There are twenty-something single ladies out there who can barely manage to brush their hair most mornings, much less tend to a gang of toddlers. Maybe you didn't know what you were getting in to when you signed on for motherhood, but you sure are nailing it now.

I called on some amazing, multi-tasking women of the world who are not only capable of being awesome mothers, but look good while doing it. They are from the medical, educational, professional, and stay-at-home working worlds. They said all busy moms use beauty hacks and sneaky morning hacks to keep afloat. As mothers, by necessity, they had to become the epitome of efficiency. They can now multi-task like a machine. They are able to open a juice pack, clean up drool, and apply mascara with the right hand while holding an infant on the left hip. In my mind, once you become a mother, it's like you morph into multi-limbed warrior goddess—unstoppable.

For all those busy moms, with busy lives, here are some beauty hacks to help you make motherhood look even more gorgeous.

1. Nightime Bathtime


When the kids are in bed, it’s mom’s quiet time. Hopefully you have a tiara (that does not belong to your two year old) waiting for you. Maybe a candle. Definitely music on the smartphone propped up on the bathroom counter, super hot water, and shampoo that smells terrific. Your child may have smashed mac n’ cheese into your hair earlier, but now it smells like paradise. Benefits: You wake up clean—ready to start child-slinging—with dry hair. Pro move: Sleep with a loose braid to fight frizzies and wake up with amazing hair.

2. Makeup On The Move

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Keep a stash of lip gloss and perfume in the center console of the car. The lip gloss doubles as blush in a pinch and the perfume helps for feeling luxurious. So even on the craziest kid chaos day ever, you'll get a little more Lady Beckham glamour in your life. Just be sure to wait until you're parked to get your primp on. Pro tip: The perfume doubles as a deodorizer when the wee ones get sick in the car.

3. Workout Pants For Daily Living

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Investing in a few pairs of well-made, booty-lifting yoga pants can be salvation for days when life seems too much. Your ass looks terrific, they are insanely comfortable, and the kids' snot wipes right off. That's an all around win for the home team right there.

4. Embrace Short Hair Or Ponytails


Styling hair is the luxury of women who don't have a crying infant, a two year old toddling, and a kindergartener riding a trike through the house. Consider a cute A-line bob until you survive early childhood. Opt for an all-over hair color in lieu of high and low-lights. The root touch-ups can be done at home to save money and the need for a three hour babysitter. If you won't surrender your gorgeous, long hair try an easy ponytail hack: blow dry your roots before side parting your hair and sweeping into a low pony at the nape of your neck. If you have a neck-clinging toddler, braid the ponytail to keep it from being destroyed. Spray once over with non-sticky hairspray and go forth to conquer the world.

5. Dry Fast And Fight Frizz

Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you must morning shower, make your life easier by drying hair with a microfiber towel. Water absorbs from wet hair faster, making for a quicker turnaround time. The texture also protects against breakage or the dire possibility that you will turn into a fluffy kitty. This look is so cute in a cat show, but super challenging for a mom on-the-go. Imagine pulling peanut butter out of that. If you don't have time to find a microfiber towel, use an old, soft cotton t-shirt. Dry shampoo is pretty awesome too because sometimes moms don't need showers.

6. Face Wipes For The Win

For the nights you have no mojo to do anything but face plant on your bed and pass out, keep moisturizing facial wipes on your nightstand. You have full permission to wipe your face while lying in bed, then toss the wipes over the side. You can pick them up in the morning — you need sleep. If you've got a bit more time and a face full of foundation, mascara and eyeliner, this beauty hack will remove full makeup in under 30 seconds. It's kind of a makeup miracle.

7. Fabulous Lipstick Is Key


If you want to up your mama glam but don't have the energy to deal with anything, consider lipstick. You can skip mascara, blush, eyeliner, brows—just toss all those ideas out the window. If you have zero time and are sick of feeling like a crayon-covered jungle gym, get yourself a fancy, long-lasting lipstick in a bright color. It's pretty, it's easy as heck to swipe on, and it reminds you that you are one sexy, life-giving mamacita and even if you mostly wear sweat pants, a glamour candle burns bright in your heart.

You're raising awesome kids, being a fantastic part of the world, and looking damn fine while doing it. We know that being a mama is way more important than the lip color you choose, but these fun beauty hacks might make your busy mom life a little bit smoother. Thank you, fabulous mothers!