How To Fit Into Kim Kardashian's Latex Dress

by Stephanie Chon

If you’re looking for a new sexy clubbing ‘fit, drop the pleather and grab the latex, ladies. Kim Kardashian and Rita Ora have been turning heads while rocking this new sexy fabric on their curves, and guess what? Kardashian's latex dress designer shared tips on how to squeeze into the stretchy fabric. It turns out you don’t need a body like a Kardashian to rock the skin-tight material. This fetish fabric compliments all body types and it does all the flirting for you. And you have Atsuko Kudo to thank for that.

Kudo stumbled upon her latex inspiration at a sexshop (surprise, surprise), revamped the fabric and found the perfect way to balance sexy and elegant. But even despite the fact that latex ends up looking great (I mean, just look at Kylie Minogue), Kudo told E! News that it’s definitely something that you’re going to have to really want to wear. I mean, think about it — you’re basically pulling yourself into a designer condom that you’ll probably barely be able to breathe in. Time to practice shorter, more frequent breaths so you can strut your bod all over the confi-"dance" floor. You will for sure end up looking strong, curvy and hot — which is exactly what Kudo intended her latex designs to convey.

Here are five killer latex dresses that'll surely inspire your look for your next night out!

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