Miracle Alert: Wireless D-Cup Bras Have Arrived

Cue "Miracles Happen" from The Princess Diaries , because I never thought I'd see the day: there is a wireless D-cup bra that's actually supportive out there, courtesy of Land of Women, a new lingerie brand that's all about simplicity and comfort. Pretty much since I started high school, I thought I was confined to underwires for life, but the structured mesh that Land of Women lingerie is made out of gives me new hope. Is this the future of lingerie for well-endowed ladies?

The six-piece collection was created by "plus-size" model Mckenzie Raley in the interest of ditching the frills, the lace, and, yes, the wires. "It almost borders on shape wear because it's very supportive," Raley told "More supportive than any kind of cotton, jersey, or what typical wireless bras are made out of." The collection is rooted in minimalism, and I have a feeling Raley's "The Classic" (her favorite piece) just might be the perfect tee-shirt bra.

The brand's tagline is "lingerie for the sport of womanhood," because, let's be real, womanhood is a sport, and a fun one at that — as long as you don't have an annoying bra wire impaling you all day (worst. feeling. ever.) Although they're sized in small, medium, and large, Raley says the biggest size can accommodate a small D-cup. I'll definitely be giving this brand a go, because this line is practically otherworldly.

Image: Courtesy of Land of Women