Uniqlo x Lemaire Will Deliver Affordable Style

High fashion streetwear and athleisure aren't going anywhere! In fact, they're only getting cooler, as Uniqlo is partnering with Lemaire, the French fashion brand that is the brainchild of former Hermés designer Christophe Lemaire. So it seems we can expect more turnt up "everyday life wear" that translates to amaze street style. Schlubby sweats for running errands? Pft! Those are being exiled forever as more brands team up with high fashion designers.

"We have always dreamt to work with Uniqlo," Leimare said in a statement, according to Vogue UK. "Uniqlo designs qualitative and made-for-all garments for everyday life is also our approach to fashion and the philosophy of Lemaire."

Here is what else we know about the collab (besides the fact that it gave me goosebumps for a second): The capsule collection will be designed for both men and women, so it's equal opportunity, and it'll be available for the Fall and Winter 2015 seasons at Uniqlo shops and online.

What's also cool about this collab is that it will likely be an introduction of Lemaire to the American customer stocking up on basics at their local Uniqlo. And therein lies the beauty of fast fashion, which clearly isn't dying like Michael Kors predicted.


"Lemaire's approach to design respects individuality and merges perfectly with the Uniqlo lifewear philosophy, aimed at making life better," Uniqlo's Tadashi Yanai said. "I myself am really looking forward to getting a glimpse of the results of our tie up, and am thrilled that we are able to bring it to our customers around the world."

Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Lifewear and clothes that make life better? Now that's a fashion mantra every designer needs to adopt in some way, shape, or form. It's totally okay for the regular consumer to have access to oft out-of-reach designers.

Uniqlo's basics and essentials are certainly beloved by brand fans and an injection of the French aesthetic via Lemaire certainly has me stoked.

How about you?

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