10 Things To DIY With Your Extra Hour Of Daylight

Do you ever look at your home and think, if only I had more time in the day, I know I could make this the house of my dreams? With Daylight Saving Time on its way, you have a whole extra hour of daylight on your side — which is great, because no matter how many cute, quick home decor DIY’s or projects you see, there never seems to be enough hours to try them out. Short of having a personal fairy to help you run your errands or an obedient robot to do your housework, getting another hour in your day would be like having two Christmases a year.

Well, lucky you, because Daylight Savings is just around the weekend corner. Even though you might hate losing that hour during the summer, it’s all worth it when you get that extra hour added to your late winter days! This Monday, you’ll have the time you need to knock that one home improvement project you’ve been dying to try off your list. If you don’t have anything in the works, we’ve got some suggestions. Make the most of your extra DST hour by choosing one of these 10 tasks that will take just one hour to complete, but will make your home look a whole lot better.

1. Construct an easy blanket ladder

With just a few pieces of wood, you too can join this stylish storage trend by building an easy ladder to hold towels or blankets. Not only is it a convenient space to stow your linens, but having this adorable DIY in your bathroom or bedroom creates interesting decor with a cottage style vibe.

Project via Hometalker Amanda @The Contractor Chronicles

2. Mix up a month’s worth of natural laundry detergent

If you've been looking for ways to go green, a chemical-free cleaner is the perfect solution. If only you had more time... oh wait, you do! Simply mix these five ingredients in a large container, and you’re ready for a month of fresh-smelling clothing — all while lending good ol’ Earth a helping hand.

Project via Hometalker Jessica @Mom4Real

3. Put together a sweet serving tray

Perfect for your countertop or coffee table, this rustic DIY serving tray isn't only a cute home decor addition, it might even encourage more breakfasts in bed. Who knows, an hour on Monday could lead to many cozy and tasty hours every Sunday morning after that.

Project via Hometalker Ann @On Sutton Place

4. Add a pallet boardwalk and gate to your backyard

Just get your hands on two safe-to-use pallets, and you’re ready for action. Close off some of your property with this sweet, easy gate and boardwalk combo to create more interest outdoors, and delineate areas for gardening, relaxing, or entertaining.

Project via Hometalker Donna @Funky Junk Interiors

5. Install a new faucet and sink

Now’s the time to rid yourself of leaky or lackluster sinks by installing a brand new one all by yourself! This DST, give your bathroom or kitchen the update it’s been waiting for, and enjoy the fresh new look it adds to your home.

Project via Hometalker Jeff @Home Repair Tutor

6. Arm knit a cozy blanket

If you’d rather spend your extra time relaxing by the TV, this lazy girl’s DIY will let you do just that, while adding a chunky throw to your home. You don’t even need tools, simply grab a few skeins of thick yarn, and tie your throw bit by bit using your hands and arms. It’s almost like a mini workout, so that’s three activities in one extra hour — score 1 for productivity!

Project via Hometalker Adrianne @Happy Hour Projects

7. Build a headboard for your bed

OK, who doesn't want a chic headboard? Even an unmade bed looks good if you've got a headboard and a pile of throw pillows. But instead of buying one, spend your free hour making your own using this quick and easy tutorial. No time will have passed (at least not according to the clock), and you’ll have a bed fit for a five-star hotel.

Project via Hometalker Ashley @Bigger than the Three of Us

8. Add an easy sofa table

Gather a few simple materials, and build a sleek and stylish sofa table, great for turning a lonely couch into a perfectly put-together nook. With this tiny addition, your living room gets a major style upgrade and some new space to add table lamps, plants, or other details.

Project via Hometalker Amy @Always Never Done

9. String up some fun wall decor

If you’re searching for a way to immediately adopt some eclectic boho style, now’s your chance, with a DIY yarn wall hanging for any room in your home. With this helpful tutorial, you’ve found the perfect way to add texture and color to your home, not to mention have some fun creating your own easy masterpiece.

Project via Hometalker Allison @Two Thirty-Five Designs

10. Create a wine glass succulent planter

I can tell you from experience that adding plants to your home is an instant decor refresher. If you’re not the gardening type, easy-to-care-for succulents are the way to go. Try a quick DIY terrarium or planter, like this classy wine glass upcycle (also perfect for gifting).

Project via Hometalker Vidya @What’s Ur Home Story

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