Kendall's iPhone Game Avatar Is Here

by May Sofi

Ever since Kim Kardashian teased the latest additions to her ultra glam iPhone game — little sisters Kendall and Kylie — I have been patiently counting down until the day they are finally unveiled. Well that day is here folks. Kendall Jenner's Kim Kardashian: Hollywood avatars have been revealed and I couldn't be more psyched. So now the question is — how well did they represent the leggy supermodel in digital form?

As a highly obsessed Kendall Jenner fan (yes I want to be her) I naturally analyzed every nook and cranny of that digitized doll, and I must admit they did a pretty damn good job with it. The avatars literally look like exact replicas of KJ in real life, right down to perfect recreations of outfits she's worn on the red carpet (including the jewelry and shoes) and the hair and makeup looks she sports on the regular. My favorite part, however, is seeing some of Kendall's best ensembles brought back to life again. Because, duh, everything she wears is amazing. Jenner took to Instagram to debut her new pixelated self with three different looks that she rocked at the AMAs, VMAs, and the Billboards, respectively. To prove just how amazing the transformation is, let's compare the avatar's outfits to Kendall's actual looks, shall we?

American Music Awards

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Take a look at that first avatar again. They nailed this ensemble down to every little detail — even the red lip and nude pumps.

Billboard Awards


Once again, Avatar Kendall stays true to the IRL version and I am in awe. They even managed to highlight the metallic heels.

Video Music Awards

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This look is perhaps the one best represented by the avatar and it's just incredible. It's as if she stepped right off the red carpet and onto an iPhone screen.

I like what I'm seeing so far, but here's to hoping more of Kendall's famed looks make it onto her digital form!

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