How To Survive Daylight Savings This Weekend

Things are about to get a whole lot better, and it begins with Daylight Savings Time. When the time comes to spring ahead, everyone is almost too excited to sleep. Winter is basically over, and the temperatures are rising above single digits. We don't even care that we're about to lose an hour of sleep, because it means that from here on out, darkness will set in around dinner time, as opposed to right after a late lunch. It's pretty wonderful. It also means that summer is coming, as is blended cocktails and the inescapable smell of sunscreen.

However, losing any amount of sleep can completely mess up your body, mind, and productivity for the coming week. And that's no bueno. Once you become exhausted, everything seems to slide downhill. You skip workouts because you lack the energy, you eat poorly because you need the afternoon jolt only sugar can provide. Your hair is carelessly tossed into a messy bun each morning because who has time for a blow dry and straighten? While all of those things are 100 percent acceptable on the weekends, they should really only be reserved for the weekends, because you and your body both deserve more during the week.

There is a way to avoid the sleep deprived madness that can sometimes accompany the changing of the clocks, and Tempur + Sealy has partnered up with the Sleep Science program at UNC to offer everyone helpful tips on how to spring ahead the right way, and log those always-important z's in the process. They encourage everything from limiting caffeine to going to bed a few minutes earlier every day this week, leading up to the time change on Sunday, March 8.

1. Soak Up the Sun

Never underestimate the power of Vitamin D, as it can help regulate sleep and wake cycles.

2. Ditch the Coffee

I know. I KNOW. You need your morning joe before you can function like a human, and I totally get it, but caffeine can get in the way of a good night's sleep. So keep the artificial energy to a minimum in the days leading up to March 8.

3. Go to Bed Early

To make sure your body is fully adjusted by the time Sunday comes, try going to bed a few minutes early each night. It can make a bigger impact than you think.

4. Eliminate Disruptions

That might mean turning off the TV, turning on a fan to make it cozy and cool in your bedroom, or upgrading your mattress to one that truly matches your body and sleep patterns.

5. Trick Yo' Self

Instead of waiting until Sunday to change your clocks, do it on Friday or Saturday to give your bod and brain some time to adjust before the work week begins.

Check out the full infographic below.

Image: Bethan Phillips/Flickr; Infographic/Tempur + Sealy; Giphy