Wearable Device Tells You When You Need To Poop

D Free may not be the sexiest new gadget on the market, but for some, it could be one of the most useful. The wearable device monitors bowel activity and, essentially, tells you when you need to poop. For those of us who are blessed with well-functioning bowels, this device may seem like a joke, but it could significantly improve the quality of life for people who have unpredictable bathroom habits due to chronic gastrointestinal problems, as well as those who need extra time or assistance to get to the toilet, like the elderly and people with disabilities.

D Free is a product of Triple W, a Japanese startup based in California. It’s currently still in development, with Triple W planning to put the device on crowdfunding sites in May and make it available for purchase in December. According to ­Rocket News 24, D Free is simple to use:

[Y]ou attach the device to your stomach and connect it to an app on your smartphone. The sensors in the device then detect any movement or swelling in your intestines and sends [sic] a notification to your smartphone that in about 10 minutes, it’s going to be best if you’re near a toilet.

The device then counts down to when you need to find a bathroom. Here’s what it looks like:

The app tracks your bowel movements, so that it can learn your habits and increase its accuracy over time. (It seems like the app would also be useful in helping those with chronic bowel trouble recognize patterns in their bodily functions and lifestyles.)

This type of device could save a lot of people unnecessary stress and embarrassment, and give many a greater sense of control of their lives. Find out more about D Free here:

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