Crescent Moon Eyebrows? Yup, They're A Thing

Crescent moons probably make you think of flaky, buttery Pillsbury rolls or, you know, the actual moon in the sky. Notice how your eyebrows didn't exactly make that list? Well, the beauty brains over at Missoni are officially trying to change that, as they introduced the crescent moon eyebrow during the brand's Milan fashion week show.

But wait, you say. How does this particular lunar phase possibly present itself above your eyelids? Well, Lucia Pieroni, a MAC makeup artist, created the look for Missoni's March 1st show by forgoing a clean and tidy plucked or waxed look on the models, leaving them with rounder, bushier, fuller brows. Next, she took an eyebrow pencil a shade or two darker than the model's natural hair and drew a fat, thick arc through the center of their brows, going slightly past the outer corner.

The results? Thick, bold, looonggg brows that stray away from the polished, conventional look, but somehow also don't fit the natural mold — even with the bushier base. While it's all kinds of cool for a high fashion runway show, I'm not really expecting to see these bold babies on the street anytime soon.

I'll be the first to admit to an eyebrow obsession. My Tweezerman tweezers have been the MVPs of my makeup bag for years now and I'll gladly pray to whatever Patron Saint of Eyebrows gifted Cara Delevingne those beauties. But I feel like this is the part of the crappy Sci-Fi flick when the scientist steps back and says that we've taken things too far. These out-of-this-world brows might just be a little too much. We've finally reached peak bushy brow!

Fulvio De Filippi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Images: Getty Images