8 Ways To Celebrate Daylight Savings

by Chrissa Hardy

"Oh no, winter! Don't leave us! Stay forever," said nobody. Daylight Savings is happening March 8, which means that winter is over and the human race can live happily once again. This winter in particular has made people everywhere want to dive face first into piles of ice because they just can't take it anymore. I wish the previous statement was nothing more than a metaphoric exaggeration, but that actually happened and it was bonkers.

After March 8, life will be different in the best way possible. Sure we will have lost an hour of sleep, so we might be slightly groggy, but darkness will no longer come early, the temperatures will begin to rise, and those hideous piles of pee-snow will start to melt. Spring is upon us, which means that in most places, summer is only weeks away — because spring only seems to last long enough to spit out some rain and generate mud puddles in unfortunate places — and Seasonal Affective Disorder will no longer be an acceptable excuse for avoiding social gatherings (bummer). Daylight Savings is indeed a reason to celebrate, especially since not everyone gets the chance to change their clocks, and here are all the fun ways to honor it.

1. Have a New Year's Eve-style countdown party

While it's fun to watch the giant glowing ball in NYC make its descent to midnight on New Year's Eve while Kathy Griffin makes Anderson Cooper turn 50 shades of squeamish, the countdown should really be reserved for Daylight Savings. How often do you get to watch time skip ahead an hour? This is as close to real magic as we're ever going to get, so let's embrace it.

2. Go to a clock store on Saturday and change 'em ALL

I don't know that these exist, but I'm sure antiques stores have an old clock section, yes? Anyway, find a group of clocks in a retail setting, and run around setting them ahead by one hour. You'll probably get kicked out, but it's the tamest form of mischief one can be guilty of, so who cares if you get the boot.

3. Make a springtime bucket list

Use this day as a time of reflection for everything that's happened in 2015 so far, and figure out how you want the rest of the year to go. Review those resolutions, make some new ones, and get motivated.

4. Put your spring clothes center stage in your closet

Sorry, winter coat, but your position has been terminated — effective immediately. We will keep you packed in a tiny box until next year, when your services might be required once again. Until then, we wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors.

Spring clothes, the spotlight is now yours!

5. Go to bed an hour early

It's National Sleep Awareness Week, and America is a sleep-deprived country. You need to make more time for shut-eye, and this is a great day to start, because you're about to lose an hour. Get in your coziest pjs, set the sleep timer on your TV, and get ready for some serious REMs.

6. Spend that final hour doing something you've never done before

Since you're losing an hour, spend the last one before the clocks change doing something you wouldn't normally do. Live as if the world is ending and this is the last hour you have. What would you do? Figure it out and GO DO IT.

7. Place a paper snowflake on a dart board and destroy it

Because winter is officially dead. Long live spring!

8. Use this as an excuse to stay in your pajamas all day Sunday

Not that you needed one, but since you're lacking that extra hour of sleep, you need your rest. Take it easy today, my friend. Blogger's orders.

Image: Fotolia; Giphy (8)