Can That Gin & Tonic Make You Seem Hotter?

You know how, after one too many cocktails at the bar, that guy that has been loitering by the door for the past hour starts to very strongly resemble a shorter, stockier Chris Hemsworth? Well, it turns out that the alcohol you're consuming has a similar effect on you, too. No, a drink or two won't turn you into Chris Hemsworth, but a recent study has found that your attractiveness increases while drinking. Cheers to your hot drunk face!

But that isn't to say that the drunker you get, the hotter you get. Trust me, I speak from experience when I say that, after a certain number of gin and tonics, I begin to resemble a swamp creature both physically and behaviorally. Rule of thumb: Stop trusting the bar bathroom mirror after that third tequila shot. It's a filthy liar. The study, published in the Alcohol and Alcoholism Journa l found that you're at your hottest after one drink. The researchers photographed 40 participants soberly, then after one and two drinks, and asked another group of participants to rate their attractiveness. You can thank your dilated pupils, rosy cheeks, and relaxed facial muscles. Oh, and vodka. Can't forget the vodka.

You know, I'd never thought I'd be giving booze-inspired makeup tips, and yet here we are... So, do you want to get that drunk glow while sober? Put down the martini and look no further! Take a shot of this step-by-step guide to get a tipsy, tantalizing face — no surgeon general's warning necessary.

Dewy Skin

Prep your face with a sheer foundation that has a satin finish, like Maybelline's Fit Me Dewy & Smooth Foundation, for luminous skin and a drunk glow — ya know, without the actual drunk part.

Rosy Cheeks

To fake that red wine flush, use a cherry colored cream blush that's matte to avoid any unnatural looking shimmer. Don't let the intense pop of color from the Nars Matte Multiple stick scare you off. It appears sheer on skin and the creaminess allows for more natural blending power.

Wide Eyes

That swig of vodka can grant you some big 'ole Bambi eyes, but you don't need the booze to get the beauty. Simply use a soothing eye cream (like Garnier’s Anti-Puff Eye Roller) to relax your peepers. Then add white eyeliner to your normal makeup look by dragging it along your lower lash line or dotting it in the inner corners of your eyes, to fake a wide-eyed appearance.

Images: Brands