Struggles Only Perpetually Cold People Understand

Life as a perpetually cold person is difficult enough without having to deal with the threat of things possibly getting colder. Because really, as Buzzfeed Violet’s video shows us, that’s the worst case scenario for a perpetually cold person. I’ve lived 24 years as one of these unfortunate people, and it’s not easy. From the freezer aisle to every classroom, library, and office I've been in, nobody is ever considerate of the forever-frigid folks in our midst.

If you're like me, you're already always covered up. Wearing a cardigan or a light jacket is pretty much a given. Even if I’m not currently cold, I like to err on the side of being too warm rather than risk a cold breeze getting through to me. On the rare occasions when I’m not already wearing an extra layer, I still make sure to bring one along. Yes, that means tossing an extra jacket or throw blanket into my car when I'm headed out or to a friend's house. You never know if somebody is mad enough think 65 degrees is a comfortable temperature, so it's better to be prepared for the worst.

Basically, you're constantly accommodating everybody else's body temperature, but that's not enough. As Jean Ralphio would say, it's the worrrst.

As if this situation isn't bad enough, everyday life looks a little different for you if you're a perpetually cold person. Look at all the trials and tribulations we have to deal with.

You constantly have goosebumps

I don't even notice them anymore, since it's pretty much what my skin looks like all the time now. It's only in summer that your skin isn't constantly freaked out.

Nobody values your word anymore

At least when it comes to the temperature. It’s gotten to the point where my friends and family just dismiss me when I say I’m cold. “You’re always cold,” they say. Yes, because it’s always cold, I scream internally.

Winter is a nightmare

Well, winter is difficult for everybody, but it’s just terrible for somebody who’s already cold all the time. Take this winter for instance. I thought I escaped the worst of it by living in Texas, but it snowed just last month? How is it still winter? In Texas? Nothing is sacred. What does it feel like to be warm and happy and love life again? I can’t remember.

At least I know of one benefit to being perpetually cold: Since I have a higher tolerance for heat, I tend to sweat less than other people. I'll take it.

Images: Buzzfeed Violet/Youtube; Wifflegif (3)