12 Surprising Uses For Peanut Butter

I’ll eat just about anything if peanut butter is involved. And as delicious and nutritious as it may be, peanut butter has a number of surprising uses that have nothing to do with eating it — though consuming it is always the best way to finish a jar of Jif. From face masks to gum removal, peanut butter’s many benefits prove once and for all why it will always be better than Nutella (sorry, not sorry).

Unless you are allergic to peanuts — my heart aches for you, seriously — you’ve probably had a few PB&J sandwiches in your lifetime. Hell, I had one for dinner like two weeks ago. Of course, peanut butter isn’t just for sandwiches. You can use it in cookies, muffins, ice cream, popcorn, and even pad Thai chicken. Peanut butter really is as tasty as it is beneficial health-wise, not to mention it's a great source of non-meat protein. But its rich oil and protein-packed nature gives it uses outside of being just a mainstay of healthy comfort foods. Scientists have made diamonds out of peanut butter, y’all. Diamonds.

While I’m sure you find yourself scraping the bottom of the jar for every last bit of peanut butter goodness, here are a few ways you can get the very most out of your spread.

1. Put some peanut butter in the bottom of an ice cream cone

Not only will it keep any ice cream from dripping out the bottom, but it'll be a tasty end to your already delicious treat.

2. Use it to fuel your morning workout

Peanut butter on a bagel or a piece of toast is an easy to digest snack that is packed with the carbs and protein you need for your workout.

3. Use it as an instant cure if you're feeling nauseous

In fact, PB is perfect for an upset stomach and provides more sustenance than saltines.

4. Peanut butter (combined with olive oil and honey) makes a great face mask

Your beauty routine just got a little bit sweeter.

5. It also works as a conditioning hair mask

So go ahead and bring it in the shower with you.

6. And if you're out of shaving cream, you can try using creamy PB

It's magic, you guys.

7. Use it to preserve some old CDs

Rub peanut butter on scratched disks to clean them up.

8. Go natural with your peanut butter

It can be a little disconcerting to open a jar of all-natural peanut butter to find a thick layer of oil on top. Store your jar upside-down to avoid this.

9. If you're measuring out peanut butter for a recipe, coat the measuring cup with non-stick spray beforehand

This way, the measuring cup will be easier to clean later.

10. Use it to remove gum from pretty much anything

If you ever find gum stuck to something — the carpet, your favorite jacket, your hair — put some peanut butter on it, let it sit, and then wipe it and the gum away.

11. Use peanut butter to get pets and kids to take their medication

Simple, but effective.

12. You can shine up leather seats with a bit of PB

Now you're ready to go.

Images: Fotolia; Giphy (12)