You Need To Check Out Urban Decay's New Product

Ladies, it's go time. The clock has struck five and happy hour is right around the corner. Who has the time to fight the traffic and the miserable winter weather to trudge home and fix your makeup? You'll have to make do with the limited arsenal of your travel makeup bag, the office bathroom, and whatever is floating around the bottom of your purse to get you "night out" ready. Challenge accepted. But thanks to the new, genius invention from Urban Decay, Mascara Resurrection, your face will appear freshly risen from the dead by the time you hit your after-work activities.

We've all struggled through what I call The Ten Second Tidy — the quick cleanup we do to revive our makeup at the end of the day, when we don't have the time to apply a completely fresh face. And Urban Decay just took the routine to a new level with Mascara Resurrection. The magic potion is actually a serum that hydrates lashes and breaks down old mascara so you can apply a fresh, lush coat without your lashes becoming clumpy, gross, or flaky. Want details on this sorcery? Well, the comb-like fiber brush grabs onto individual lashes and separates them, while the panthenol and glycerin in the clear formula softens and moisturizes the old mascara to get those lashes ready for another coat. Voila! Revitalized makeup — no water necessary!

Eye makeup is by far the hardest part to pump up during your post-work Ten Second Tidy, but now, looking as awesome as you did at eight this morning is as easy as a few swipes of this Urban Decay magic wand! But what to do with the rest of your tired, end-of-day face? All you need are the following secret weapons and some clever tricks to take your makeup from 5pm funky to happy hour hottie.

1. Outlaw Oil

If your skin is anything like mine, your face is a shiny oil slick by the end of the day. Banish that sleek shine with simple blotting papers you can pickup at any drugstore. My faves are Clean & Clear's Oil Absorbing Sheets. They soak up any shine with just a dab and boast a super budget-friendly price.

2. Faulty Foundation Fix

You can try to prevent the inevitable with primer, but you're bound to suffer from makeup meltdown after hours at work. Reapplying your liquid foundation over your old makeup can just make you look cakey. So to refresh your makeup, dust a sheer powder foundation over areas that can use a little pick-me-up (usually over the bridge of your nose, forehead, any redness on your cheeks). The Perfecting Powder by Marc Jacobs is a super light foundation that can brighten your tired skin and offers buildable coverage.

3. Help From Highlighters

If the office doldrums have stolen all the color from your face, smear a peachy-pink highlighter, like Ciate's Glow Pop Creme Highlighter in Starlight, over your cheekbones to bring back the vibrance. Next, swipe it along your brow bone to wake up tired eyes. Much healthier than yet another cup of espresso.

4. Cruise Over Creases

Having your eyeshadow fade and melt into the creases of your eyelids can be one big beauty blunder. Simply smudge the shadow with a handy Q-Tip and then quickly dab on a neutral shade (the NARS Eyeshadow Single in Shimmer Rose is a great portable option) in your crease to brighten your eyes and freshen your look.

5. Perfect Your Pucker

Now, just slick some bright, moisturizing lipstick over your lips for a smooth and sexy pucker, and a newly freshened-up face! The Rouge Ecstasy Moisture Rich Lip Color by Giorgio Armani offers ton of hydration action and bright vibrance.

Images: thelotuscarroll/Flickr, Courtsey Brands