You Have To See Cate's Colorful Suit

Winter may not be over just yet, but Cate Blanchett is clearly petitioning for Spring to start, ASAP. Blanchett wore an electric blue suit in Hollywood on Monday, and it's enough bright and wild to scare winter away for good. Here's hoping, at least.

The Cinderella actress wore a vibrant blue pantsuit for her appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Ellen Degeneres on Monday to promote her soon-to-be-released movie, and though it's a tad eclectic for my taste, you can't help but love Cate for her always bold fashion choices. The suit jacket and trousers were both electric blue, and she paired it with a printed white and blue button-down shirt, and black Christian Louboutin pumps (not that anyone can tear their eyes away from the suit to notice the accessories or anything).

The 45-year-old Australian actress has been to known to rock menswear inspired looks, and she never shies away from making a fashion statement, so the eye-catching ensemble isn't all that surprising from her, but it is certainly...colorful. On anyone else, it might be a major fashion miss, but on Cate? I'll take it!

Just for giggles, here are six things her electric blue suit reminds me of.

1. Toothpaste

It's minty fresh!

2. Avatar

She'd fit right in with the Na'vi tribe.

3. A Dragonfly


Giving wild a literal meaning.

4. That Guy From Halloweentown

If you wanna be totally rad, you gotta have the day glow bristles.

5. Blue Man Group


If she ever wants to retire from acting...

6. A Lindor Truffle

Because obviously everything must relate back to food.

Images: Getty Images; LindtUSA; YouTube; guysandpeople/Instagram; ABridgWater/Twitter; Giphy