America's Next Top Model: Snoop Dogg

When you think of Paris, fashion, leggy models, and a high-end lingerie brand, what are some other things that come to mind? Chic designers? Lace? Spending excessive amounts of money on clothes you wear under other clothes? OK, all of that sounds normal. Now, let's go over things that really, really, really don't make sense in the context of a lingerie runway show in Paris, shall we? Delivery pizza, maybe. Snuggies, perhaps? Oh, yes, and also — Snoop Dogg. As awkward as things can get on the runway (remember that Rick Owens menswear show?), it's not very often that a runway show leaves me totally confused. Fashion is supposed to shock us, right? It's expected at this point. But as Snoop Dogg walked the Etam Paris runway with dozens of models at Paris Fashion Week, I officially had a LOT of questions to ask.

First of all, why Snoop Dogg? Does anything about him really scream, "sexy, Parisian intimates?" Maybe I don't want the answer to that. And OK, sure, maybe it was the strange juxtaposition of Snoop with the fashion brand that makes the whole thing work, but something about it just didn't fit to me. I first learned of Snoop Dogg's (formerly known as Snoop formerly know as Snoop Lion) appearance at the Etam show via model Jessica Stam's Instagram feed and, although I usually scroll past Instagram videos, I generally trust Stam's taste, so I chose to look. And there it was. Snoop Dogg. At Paris Fashion Week. Just hanging out on stage.

It's hard to tell from the video if Snoop is actually performing his hit single "Drop It Like It's Hot" himself or it's playing on the speakers, but either way—why? When I think of "Drop It Like It's Hot" I think of the fact that it was on a NOW CD (remember those?) I had when I was in early high school. Not Paris. Or fashion week. Or lingerie. Or any combination of the above. But, hey, Jessica Stam seemed to be very into it from the looks of the Instagram post and, to be honest, she could endorse wearing, say, a geometrical-printed spandex onesie and I'd say, "Alright, where do I pick up one of these? Does it come in a size 10?" with joy. So, maybe I'm wrong to be confused about the whole Snoop x Etam Paris thing, right?

Oh, and here's the geometrical-printed spandex onesie. Because, come on, I couldn't just pull that out of thin air.