Is Beckham Trying To Bring Back Heroin Chic?

Knock, knock. The 90s are calling, but do we really want to open that door to the past? Yes, mostly, except maybe for one trend: heroin chic. Related: Victoria Beckham's Victoria Beckham ads for the fall/winter 2015 collection. And they have just about enough creepy to last me until next Halloween.

While the fashion industry has tried to make several strides forward, breaking down size and gender stereotypes, Beckham is clearly nostalgic for the past, channeling the heroin chic look of the early 1990s in her ads. The photos feature lifeless models lying in a bare room, and bent backwards over a chair with their eyes closed, as if playing dead (or maybe passed out). The ads are for the designer's sister line, which is supposed to feature lower prices and a "free spirited and fun" vibe. If this is how Victoria Beckham does fun, I'd hate to see her when she's mellow.

The clothes themselves are actually lovely, with denim-on-denim, patterns, and bright-colored leather, but they're overshadowed by the listless lethargy in the campaign. Whatever her artistic vision, something just feels wrong about these ads and the message (intended or not) they're going to send. I know you feel some self-anointed responsibility not to smile in this industry, Victoria, but that doesn't mean you can't liven your models up, just a little.

Images: Victoria, Victoria Beckham