Crocheted Shorts For Men Now Exists

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife and most of all, hide yo boyfriends and husbands because this just cannot turn into some new hipster trend. Some may say, “They’re amazeballs!” while others may just say, “...there are balls..everywhere,” but either way, it's out there in all its weird glory. Etsy store Lord von Schmidt is selling crocheted shorts for men made from Afghan blankets and I’m wondering if it’s too late to turn these cringe-worthy shorts back into a nice blanket.

I'm going to repeat myself, in case you don't believe me: This is a thing that now exists, everyone. America is weird enough with its Belfie sticks, but this? This might take the cake. Imagine if a group of grown Afghan men stumbled upon some Snuggies, decided to turn them into tight shorts and then opened up a store filled with posters of themselves vogue-ing and smizing in nothing but their Snuggie shorts. Oh, and then decided to sell them for 4,000 AFN (the equivalent of $68 USD) a piece. Yes, that’s basically what is happening here.

Honestly, I think it would’ve been so much easier on everyone’s eyes if Lord von Schmidt had turned these beautiful blankets into knit sweaters or ponchos instead. I don’t know what to feel so I’m doing this awkward half-laugh, half-cringe thing.

In their defense, they are eco-friendly, made from recycled materials and kinda cute. Plus, according to their Etsy store, they're made from two things: yarn and love. Despite what I think, I'm almost confident that this is going to become a huge festival fashion trend this summer. Mark my words.

Feel free to check out the designs below, but remember: viewer's discretion is advised.

Images: LordvonSchmidt/Etsy; Giphy