Kate Spade's Newest Endeavor: Home Decor

If you were thinking about redecorating the house for Spring, hold onto your ideas and your dough for just a little longer because Kate Spade will be releasing her line of home decor in May. That’s right, your wallet and iPhone cases won’t be the only things polka-dotted, quirky, and bright. Kate Spade is coming to take over your bedding, rugs, furniture and so much more.

We all know Kate Spade has stepped her foot through the home decor door before with her cute table linens, but I’m super stoked to see what she brings with this entire new line of home goods. I think it's safe to expect some new patterns, old signature patterns, bright colors, some classy sketches, quotes, and of course, glitter.

Spade partnered up with four different manufacturers to pump out some quality wallpaper, bath products and bedding, just to name a few. And as if taking over your living space wasn’t enough, Kate Spade is partnering up with yet another manufacturer to launch her line of kitchen goods called, “All In Good Taste.” (Heh, I see what you did there, Spade). But before we can not only sleep on, but also cook from all things Kate Spade, we're going to have to wait until August, which is when her kitchen line to be released. May and August can't come soon enough!

Image: Giphy