This Boob Bag Made A Debut At Paris Fashion Week

At this point after three weeks of fashion month, I really thought I have seen all the weird crazy fashion there is to see. I mean, nothing could top Gucci's furry slippers at Milan Fashion Week, right? Wrong. It turns out there are plenty of strange, comical fashion still out there. Enter the boob bag. Yes, you read that correctly. Christophe Lemaire sent a boob-shaped handbag down the runway, and its hilariously amazing.

When you picture a "boob bag" you are probably envisioning some sort of wrinkly, flesh-colored thing (at least I did at first) right? But let me assure you that this is no ordinary boob bag (if there even is such a thing) — this is high-fashion we're talking about, which makes the purse anything but standard. The well-endowed breasts are suspended from a thin metal handle and have a slightly unnatural gunmetal sheen to them. This purse is not exactly wearable, but then again, runway fashion is hardly ever practical. I suppose you could use it as a shield, should you ever find yourself in a bar fight or something.

I'm all for incorporating tongue-in-cheek humor in fashion, but I find it a bit odd that most of the collection was actually pretty conservative. The line featured tons of layering, oversized fabrics, and absolutely no visible skin other than models' faces and hands. The boob bag doesn't really seem to match the overall motif of the collection but hey, at least it stands out.

What do you think of the boob bag — gotta have it or make it stop?