Rochas Won The Eye And Shoe Game At PFW

It may only be day one of Paris Fashion Week, but I'm calling it early: Rochas officially had the coolest eye makeup and shoes in all the land. It's no surprise, really — they took the title for best shoes last PFW in September, after all; there was just no beating the awesomeness of their intricately detailed, sparkly-fringed slingback mules (worn fabulously with socks, because of course).

Well, this time around they've continued the trend of truly epic footwear: The fall/winter 2015 show featured some absolutely gorgeous, sequin-covered ankle-strap heels and some arguably even more gorgeous pumps. Yep — the brand somehow managed to outdo itself, and I think its safe to say that Rocha has done a sort of preemptive strike on any other PFW shoes that might try to challenge their elite status as Best Shoes.

And the eye makeup? Sure, there's a chance that we might be seeing some even cooler looks over the week, but I think this ultra-dramatic, slightly mod, and ever-so graphic eye is going to pretty hard to beat — after all, it gives the entire metier of New York, Milan, and London Fashion Week(s) a serious run for their money in terms of awesome factor. So, with all that mind let's take a look!

The Makeup


The Shoes



Images: Getty Images; Instagram