Diptyque's Sample Sale 2015 Has Begun

Candles are the home goods equivalent of lipgloss; you can never have to many, and when they're on sale, it is impossible to resist indulging. Cult favorite candle and scented goods company Diptyque has opened the doors to its sample sale at New York City's C21 Edition according to Racked, and, with it, the wallets of a million scrambling shoppers. In the midst of The Winter That Will Never End, it appears consumers are hitting their candles hard, evidenced by the fact that one Racked staffer waited a whopping three hours to even enter the sample sale door. In other words, the Diptyque discount mania has hit.

However, it seems that for the most devoted candle consumers, the price reductions are worth the wait. A Mini Candle, normally $30, is nearly 50 percent off at the sale with a cost of $17, and $60 Standard Candle will only set you back $35. Perfumes, room sprays, and scented ovals are in the mix as well, but don't expect to find an endless supply of the brand's signature scents; Diptyque has already unloaded its entire Baies candle supply into the bags of eager consumers.

In pursuit of deals, New York City consumers are faced with a dilemma. A cringe-worthy combination of snow, hail, and rain have left the city both slick and cold, conditions which are decidedly not optimal for a multiple-hour wait. However, if you have three hours to while away and a high tolerance for the push-and-shove culture of sample sale shopping, enjoy your journey to a more luxurious life by way of Diptyque — but be sure to caffeinate and properly bundle up first.

Image: Courtesy Diptyque