Meet The New, Low-Maintenance Suede

I adore a good suede statement piece, but the material is admittedly high maintenance. Easily worn and water-damaged, suede may be trending for Spring but its delicacy often outweighs its sartorial charm. However, breakout brand The Arrivals created waterproof suede for spring, Fashionista reports, turning the once finicky fabric into an easygoing option.

Though The Arrivals' collection is bursting with covetable pieces, it is the Lassen Suede De Nimes Jacket that truly takes the cake for ingenuity and wearability. Dyed a light salmon hue and outfitted with a jean jacket-esque line of front buttons and matching breast pockets, the Suede De Nimes jacket takes advantage of spring's leather trend without succumbing to its shortcomings. Instead of leaving consumers to damage the product with their own dubious forms of weatherproofing, the designers of The Arrivals instead coated the jacket's suede in 3M Scotchguard.

In simpler terms, rain, sleet or snow could slide off the statement piece, but such a beautiful jacket deserves better than a daily battle with the elements. Other standout pieces in the collection such as the elegantly edgy Vader Cropper Biker Jacket and Ponti Structured Futura Jacket feature the same waterproof details, concluding the search for chic storm-worthy wares that won't collapse after a light spring rain. And with a reasonable price range between $185 and $685, choosy shoppers are bound to find an option to suit their budget as well as their taste.

Image: The Arrivals Lassen Suede De Nimes Jacket, $485, The Arrivals