This Tortoise Chasing A Dog Is Weirdly So Funny

You know the age old story of the tortoise and the hare, or at least the gist of it: The two animals are racing, the hare gets super smug and goes off to do super smug things, and the tortoise keeps his eye on the prize and beats that sucker in the end and teaches us all an insightful childhood lesson about sticking to our goals. Well, I'm happy to say that this story got an update, and this time, the hare is nowhere in sight. This time, it is the story of a tortoise chasing a dog, which (let's be honest) is infinitely cuter.

There doesn't appear to be a lesson here, but this is so adorable and confusing there really doesn't need to be one. The tortoise in question is Sheldon (grade A turtle name, by the way), and his furry little friend is pit bull terrier mix Dolly. The two rescue animals are such prolific best friends that they deserve to be immortalized in their own children's story book immediately. According to their owner, Dolly is even trying to teach Sheldon to play ball. (Sheldon, so far, has been more interested in other pursuits.)

The fact that a tortoise and a dog are having an interspecies game of tag is not even the best part. The best part, by far, is how deadly seriously Dolly takes any of Sheldon's crawling-paced advances. Here's what happens when he's just hanging out, strolling along:

It's a bird, it's a train, it's...SHELDON!!!!

I think this is the animal friendship we all needed to see this week to regain the last shred of our sanity taken from us after the baby weasel attacking a woodpecker inspired more memes than our imaginations could rightly handle. Here is the video that will restore some of your faith that there is Disney-perfect harmony in the animal kingdom:

Images: Getty Images; YouTube