11 Fashion Probs Sensitive People Will Understand

We have all dealt with uncomfortable items of clothing from time to time — sometimes we make that choice before even going out the door. You know, the dangerous high heel shoes that are a couple of inches too high, the shapewear that renders you unable to sit? Yep, we've all been there. For some people, even their everyday clothes are uncomfortable (be it because they have a preference for form-fitting apparel or their workwear calls for something totally impractical) and so going out into the world is a constant struggle. Sounds dramatic, right? But I guess a few of you know what I mean.

While I haven't been diagnosed or anything, I have been aware for most of my life that I am more sensitive than the average person when it comes to, well, sensations. The thing about being a sensitive person is that said sensitivity transposes itself into pretty much every aspect of your life — fashion included. So without further ado, here are some particular sartorial woes that most sensitive souls have probably been antagonized by. Sure, they probably overlap with things all women have experienced, but if you're predisposed to sensitivity, chances are they've plagued you just a little bit more than the average person.

1. The Downward Creeping Crotch

Okay, this probably sounds worse than it is — but it drives me crazy. I wear dresses a lot, so I'm usually in tights every day. But I have yet to find the perfect solution for this issue. The problem is that gravity seems to love the crotch of my tights, and so instead of just staying where they should, they like to shimmy halfway down my thighs. I cannot function until I pull everything back up, which involves collecting the excess fabric starting at the ankles and pulling it up to my knees — then getting it back up to where it should be by doing a special wiggle dance.

2. Dropping Bra Straps

I'm guessing every bra-wearing-person goes though this, but maybe it bothers me more than the average person. I feel like I'm in a straight jacket if my bra straps slip down over my shoulder to dangle annoyingly towards my elbows.

3. Sleeve Restrictions Based On Possible Bra-Strap Similarity

I can't wear cap sleeves because I go mad thinking my bra strap is hanging down all day.

4. Taking Your Shoes Off Several Times A Day

I have to stop what I am doing a couple of times a day to take off my shoes and fix the seams of my socks because they bother my toe. Why can't socks be made without a seam? The seam of tights is worse, because it is at the end of the foot and always ends up under my toes — at which point I have to take my shoes off and fix it. If I try to ignore these things, I start to feel very uncomfortable and panicked. Needless to say, I avoid walking in sand — the thought of it getting between my toes even makes me shiver right now in the sand-less safety of my sofa.

5. Sunglasses Are A Basic Survival Accessory

My eyes cannot handle sun, so I wear sunglasses for most of the year. Not to mention that my blinds are always closed at work. If it's too bright I cannot concentrate — my forehead does the frowny thing so bad that I get a pain in my face.

6. Being Aware That A Hair Just Floated Down And Landed On You

While typing this, I had to stop to pick up a stray hair that had fallen on my arm. That sensation bothers me so much, even though I am sure other people wouldn't even notice if there was a hair on their arm.

7. Redoing Your Hair Style Over And Over Because One Hair Is Pulling Too Tight

So I can spend ages creating the most fabulous up-do you can even imagine and end up tearing it down and throwing hair pins at the wall two seconds later because one single hair was pulling too tight.

8. Feeling Very Emotional About Being Too Cold (Or Too Hot

So you may already have noticed that I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to cold weather. Why else would anyone go to the effort of writing a whole article about how to keep warm? Cold weather makes me want to say bad words.

Thus, I tend to put on many, many layers of clothes before leaving the house. This often means that by the time I get wherever I am going, I am overheating. This makes me feel claustrophobic, hyper and leads to me tearing off my clothes upon getting home.

9. Wedgie Problems Are Intensified

I cannot count the times per day I have to have to liberate underwear that has crawled between the cheeks (thongs are not for me!). I can't imagine that the shape of my bottom is so unique that I am the only person who suffers from this, but I do think us sensitive types are especially bothered by it.

10. Cutting Off All The Labels

It doesn't matter how expensive something was, or how special the brand — the first thing I do when I get an item of clothes home from the shop is to cut off all the labels. Suffering all day because of an itchy label is just not something I can tolerate.

11. I Can't Carry A Clutch, Or Anything Else

I adore tiny handbags as much as the next girl, but no matter how many of them I buy, I still can't seem to master the skill of constantly having something in my hands. I can only handle handbags with a long diagonal over-the-shoulder strap — anything else drives me mad. I need to have my hands free at all times, which means I LOVE pockets!

Images: ASOS; Giphy; Flickr/annajuliesh