11 Things Everyone Does When They're Drunk

Real talk, guys: It is so cold and it has been so long since I've "thrown down" (as the cool kids say) that I watched this Buzzfeed video on the "11 Things You Do When You're Drunk" and actually got nostalgic for all of the ill-advised drunken shenanigans I haven't been getting into lately. I watched it with a far-off longing feeling, as if I were old and near death instead of in the peak of my drinking years, aka, my twenties. I'm sure this video was supposed to shed some light on our less-than-adorable drunken habits for a laugh, but honestly, it is making me want a beer at ten in the morning, so help me Winter.

The video itself is an all-too-real depiction of all of us when we are drunk, and like staring into the mirror when you're in a state of truly and deeply hungover, this is at times a little bit hard to watch. There are some truths here that you usually have the mercy of facing when your friend gently breaks the news of what you did the next morning, but there is no BFF cushion this time around. That being said, I have never desired to cry and eat an Egg McMuffin as much as I did after watching this. Then again, I slightly suspect that, deep in our souls, we are all in a constant state of crying and eating Egg McMuffins.

Let this be a reminder to us all that none of us are above even the worst of drunk people clichés, and we should forgive both our friends and ourselves for partaking in them every now and then. Especially because it's the end of the week and we all deserve a little license to let loose. Just bear in mind that Drunk You is liable to make any and every one of these occasionally poor choices:

Images: YouTube