Goths Raving To The 'Thomas the Tank Engine' Theme

Sometimes life is tough. For example, there is war. There is famine. There is death. There is destruction. Also, you might wake up and find a landscape covered in merciless icy snow, which, while very pretty, is something of a bummer when you just freaking wish it were freaking spring already so you could freaking have a freaking life outdoors and freaking see the gosh darned friggity freaking sun every day. But fear not, darlings, for there is beauty in this world too. There is love. There is laughter. There is the sound of a baby's coo as its mother holds it close. Also, there is this video of a bunch of goth kids raving to the music from Thomas the Tank Engine. Probably there is another word for what they are doing, a cooler word that only the denizens of their particular subculture know and understand. I do not pretend to be an expert, or "gothpert," if you will. But I do know this: These kids are dancing like their life depends on it, and the sweet sweet melody of our childhood blends effortlessly with the spastic yet highly enthusiastic dance moves. Dance on, you precious black-clad scamps. Dance on.

Image: Mark Vegas/Flickr