Important Fashion Lessons From Carrie Underwood

The number of celebrity moms has skyrocketed since 2014, and accordingly the number of extraordinarily well-dressed babies. The latest addition to the celebrity parent group is new mother Carrie Underwood, who welcomed son Isaiah Michael Fisher on February 27. Whether Underwood's ultra-feminine style will transfer to her son remains to be seen, but the "Somethin' Bad" singer has a plethora of sartorial lessons to offer her little one.

Underwood's place of pride amongst the exuberantly outfitted country singer crowd combined with her adoration of sparkle and shine has produced one humdinger of a sartorial resume. Not only does the chanteuse have a well-documented fetish for Temperley's bold patterns and Roberto Cavalli's statement silhouettes, Underwood also adores technologically innovative designs like the Don O’Neill Grammys gown the singer chose in 2013, which served as a projection screen for images and film clips during her set at the ceremony. Isaiah Michael Fisher has quite a bit to live up to in the wardrobe department, and I suspect his doting mother will be by his side with counsel for each of his formal dances, graduations, and first dates. Read on for six fashion lessons Carrie Underwood could teach her newborn boy.

1. Never Shy Away From A Daring Print


Underwood's red carpet ensembles may be traditional at heart, but the performer's selections often include vivid, prominent patterns. However, by juxtaposing striking patterns with classic silhouettes, Underwood appears pulled together as opposed to overwhelmed. Whether Isaiah has a taste for ties or loves a statement kilt, he could learn from his mother's impressive mastery of pattern and prints.

2. Keep A Trusted Tailor On Speed Dial


Underwood understands the power of a beautifully cut gown, and moreover a beautifully cut gown that has been molded to her exact measurements. Her son would do well to make use of his mother's example, as any suit, tuxedo, or even a relaxed pair of chinos looks better when altered to fit one's measurements.

3. Don't Be Afraid Of Flash And Glamour


Isaiah may spend his weekends on the hunt for the ideal tie pin or confine his accoutrements to a cherished set of cufflinks, but in either case a bit of sparkle never hurt anyone. No one understands this principle better than Carrie Underwood, whose most memorable red carpet looks have often been complemented by bejeweled wreath necklaces, a sprays of sequins across the bodice, or a gilded cuff on the wrist.

4. Don't Forget To Prioritize Positive Body Image

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Despite what some designers appear to believe, clothing can be infinitely more beautiful when worn by individuals who can carry their own weight without fainting from malnourishment. Carrie Underwood has mastered the art of eating well and exercising for the benefit of her health instead of starving for the sake of fashion, which gives the singer the advantage of appearing both confident and radiant. Whether her son is tall and trim or full-figured and short, one hopes he gains his mother's positive body image and understanding of a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle.

5. Embrace Jewel Tones

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Carrie Underwood knows a thing or two about selecting complexion-enhancing shades for her red carpet ensembles, and many of her most alluring looks fall into the category of jewel toned looks. No matter if Isaiah possesses the sun-kissed complexion of his mother or a porcelain skin tone, his wardrobe will benefit from the addition of jewel toned wares.

6. Gender-Bending Ensembles Are The Wave Of The Future

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Carrie Underwood's red carpet gowns are utterly winsome, but her menswear-inspired tuxedos and prim suits are just as beguiling. It seems that the line between menswear and womenswear is becoming increasingly blurred, and when you have Underwood's signature sartorial flair, why fight the trend? If the performer's son wishes to embrace a Marc Jacobs-style lace tunic or a floral printed jacket, he should take after his mother's fearless style and embrace the inclination.

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