We're Obsessed With Jane Birkin's PFW Outfit

When I hear the name Birkin, my mind goes directly to the famed Hermes bag. Known for its simplicity and utterly classic look, you can't go wrong with a Birkin on your arm. From business women to the most fashionable, Birkin bags are everywhere. Mostly because retro Hermes is always the way to go, but also because the bag goes with practically anything. The same can be said about it's namesake, as she proved during an appearance at Paris Fashion Week. Jane Birkin sat front row in Converse sneakers, basically telling everyone she was over their spring trends.

Instead of attending the Dries Van Noten runway show all fancied up, like everyone else, Birkin decided to stay par to her style course. Wearing a light denim, white tank top, and black v-neck sweater. Birkin took an outfit from many women's go-to weekend look book. And to be honest with you, the fact that she basically gave high fashion trends the finger is pretty much the coolest thing ever.

Though I can't say that I would be bold enough to show up front row looking like I just left a farmer's market, I will say that I'm going to take a note from Birkin. If Chuck Taylors + jeans is a worthy enough outfit for one of fashion's most iconic It girls, then it's good enough for me.